Political Pop Quiz

Our political labels and what they mean have gone through some changes over the years, haven't they?

Conservative used to mean small government, responsible, family values. Today (at least in the media) conservative means "controversial" — that always drives me nuts. Whenever Michael Moore gets introduced on a show it's: "Pleasantly plump, award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is here." Me? "The controversial, divisive, polarizing Glenn Beck is here... we'd kill him if we could, but it would be caught on tape."

How about liberal? Well, I don't think that one ever had a good connotation, did it? It finally got so bad, liberals started calling themselves "progressives." Hillary Clinton says she prefers to be labeled a progressive. She knows what that really means, but the schlubs of America will describe it like this: "Dude, I'm a progressive, man... we are, like, totally progressing to the future... where there'll be progress and stuff." And who could be against that? It's progress!

America is so flooded with political labels that it's hard to know what anything really stands for. How many of those activist groups have you seen? With all-American sounding names like "The Center for American Greatness" or "Citizens for a Wickedly Awesome America." It's all getting a little confusing and there's a reason for that: They don't want you to know what they really stand for. Otherwise, you wouldn't join it.

I believe that most people in this country — no matter what their label is — are inherently for whatever gives them the most freedom. Except for the radicals who actually believe in the far-left stuff.

It's time to put our labels to the test: Do they match our beliefs? Click here to take the test.

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