A Racist Maniac Is Running Iran

Every other year or so a documentary bubbles up focusing on various racist groups around the world, usually skinhead-types in Derby jackets, Doc Martins and tight, rolled-up jeans. Essentially they look like roadies for Erasure.

That's because when it comes to neo-Nazi villains, they only come in one flavor: vanilla. Without question, Jew-haters are always white, pathetic, despicable losers with tiny penises.

However most — if not all — of them are powerless. They don't run governments. They're lucky if they run Laundromats.

But in Iran, you've got a full-blown neo-Nazi running the government. You've got a modern day Hitler boasting about nuclear capability. He shares so much in common with Adolf it's eerie: His envy-driven hatred, horrible hair and an irrational love for animals. All that's missing is the funny mustache.

But bottom line: He's not white and you can't be a neo-Nazi without it. It's an insidious form of racism: If Amadinijad were from Indiana instead of Iran, my gut tells me Obama would have no problem speaking truth to power. Instead, we hope for change or change for hope — either way, it's not working.

The point is, a madman is getting a bomb, which is slightly more frightening than a worn-out pair of Doc Martens.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist homophobe who kills caterpillars.

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