Global Warming Won't Melt Ignorance

Every day another embarrassing revelation exposes climate change experts as confused bumble-heads. The latest: Apparently the U.N. climate change panel based conclusions regarding vanishing mountain top ice on anecdotes found in a "mountaineering" magazine.

Now, this would be hilarious, if it wasn't for the fact that quadrillions of dollars are at stake. And, as you know, quadrillions can buy a lot of unicorn onesies.

This leads me to two key points:

One: This shows exactly why climate change researchers must release data and reveal methods. If they have nothing to hide, then their work's credibility will only increase. The fact that they don't want to, makes me think they're getting their data from articles in Cosmo.

(FYI: Global warming can make it harder to find your g-spot, says Darla, age 23, data analyst.)

Two: There are few real experts on climate change; the rest are pawns used to justify policies that will inevitably screw our economy. By the way, I include myself as a non-expert. I was an English major, who spent the last 20 years drunk, shirtless and weeping.

But this is a good thing because whether you think humans cause global warming or not, we're all in this boat of ignorance together and therefore should be more tolerant of opposing views.

If so-called experts are culling mountain ice data from Penthouse Letters, then we are all so-called experts.

(FYI: Apparently melting glaciers totally cause chicks to lose their tops faster, says Vic, 25, a pizza deliveryman.)

And if that doesn't make you happy, then you're probably a planet-hating racist homophobe who eats polar bears for breakfast.

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