Budgets Speak Louder Than Words

They say actions speak louder than words. I think budgets speak even louder. Because with a budget, words don't matter, numbers do. And the numbers in the president's budget sound a lot different than the president's words.

The president says he's tired of business as usual, yet his budget is very much business as usual. Because you can't say, Mr. President, that you're really serious about cutting the deficit, when your budget shows you're not remotely serious about cutting the spending: That is business as usual.

Saying you're cutting the deficit by over 1.3 trillion bucks over 10 years, but leaving out the little detail $1.1 trillion of that comes from taxing and not trimming: That is business as usual.

Bragging about $250 billion in actual spending cuts over the same period and leaving out the little detail that's barely $25 billion in multi-trillion dollar budgets each year: That is business as usual.

Saying you'll get even those laughable cuts when your own party-dominated Congress can't even agree on trimming a mere $20 billion by consolidating 640 government programs: That is business as usual.

Saying you're serious about reining in Congress, but apparently Congress is not: That is business as usual.

Killing an amendment to take back the $245 million increase Congress budgeted itself earlier this year: That is business as usual.

Because you can't say you're better than the predecessor you can't stop blaming if you're playing the same games you vowed you'd be stopping.

Assuming robust growth we'll likely never see; omitting barely a whiff of inflation we'll likely very much see: That is business as usual.

Because it's one thing to nix NASA going back to the moon and think you're being brave and quite another to push a budget that takes us to "The Twilight Zone" and think you're anything but a joke.

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