7 Steps to Achieving a 'Red-Carpet Glow'

Awards season is upon us, which means it is time for the stars to come out in full force.

While it's fun to watch celebrities glide down the red carpet in their glittering gowns and fitted tuxedos, marveling at their well-groomed, near-perfect existence, you don't have to attend the Academy Awards to have that “red-carpet” glow, says a skin care expert.

Annet King, director of global education at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, whose clients include “Private Practice” star Tim Daly and “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene, said looking and feeling like a celebrity is as simple as these seven steps.

SLIDESHOW: Achieving a 'Red-Carpet Glow'

1. Exfoliate

King said it’s best to see a professional when exfoliating your skin, but there are at-home products that work well, too.

“Exfoliation gives a bright, luminous glow, and it gives a wonderful sheen to the skin,” King said. “It really takes off all the dirt and gets into the pores, helping the skin receive good nourishment.”

If you have a big event to attend, start exfoliating several weeks before. It’s important not to over-exfoliate, because this can lead to redness or breakouts, King said.

If you are getting a professional exfoliation, that treatment is probably stronger than an at-home treatment, so you would want to go only once a month. However, some at-home treatments can be done up to two or three times a week, depending on what ingredients the treatment has.

It’s also important to exfoliate your lips, and this can be done using a soft toothbrush, King said.

2. Apply a face mask

King said to applying a face mask, particularly one with vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts, helps re-energize the skin.

Typically, you would apply the mask after exfoliating, King said.

Clay-based purifying masks are great for breakouts, if applied the night before a big event, King said, because they speed up the healing process.

3. Use a spritz toner

This provides your face with extra hydration, and it will give you a good foundation to work the makeup on, King said.

4. Don’t go heavy on the makeup

The celebs who attended the Golden Globes didn’t wear a heavy mask of makeup, King said.

“Now it’s all about a natural healthy glow,” she said. “You just want to accent the eyes, lips and bone structure.”What you should stay away from: heavy foundation and powders, heavy, dark eyeshadow and false eyelashes.

5. Eat healthy

Eating a healthy diet before any big event is key to looking good, King said. Certain foods and beverages can wreak havoc on your skin.

“Eliminate high-sodium foods, processed foods and reduce your salt intake – that’s what will make you puffy,” King said. “You don’t want bags under your eyes. Instead, eat clean, organic foods and cut back on the refined carbohydrates. Also, eating more antioxidants – any fruit with dark-colored skins – will give you more energy.”

King said if your diet is too low in fat, that can dry your skin out, so be careful to balance it out.

6. Relax, sleep

Make sure you are sleeping well before any big event, and that you are feeling relaxed.

Stress can cause skin break-outs, make hair dull and nails brittle, King said.

“Are you getting a massage? Doing yoga? What are you doing for you?” King emphasized. “Feeling relaxed will help you enjoy your big event even more.”

7. Don’t worry about acne

If a pimple appears on your face right before a big event, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize its appearance, King said. If you have the opportunity to see a professional skin care specialist, he or she can use a high-frequency electrical machine to zap the pimple, King said.

If you cannot see a professional, there are many products that will expedite the healing process, such as algae, zinc and benzoyl peroxide.