Dominican Republic to Consider Ban on Odd Names

An electoral commission judge in the Dominican Republic says kids shouldn't be named after cars and fruit, or called "Dummy."

Central Electoral Commission judge Jose Angel Aquinas has submitted a proposal to ban any names that could be confusing or give no indication of gender.

He also said vulgar names or those having more than three words should also be banned.

The commission is expected to consider the proposal sometime this year.

A second judge suggested civil registry officials should simply explain to parents the consequences of choosing and using such names.

Judge Aura Celeste Fernando said in a statement yesterday the government shouldn't have the final say on names parents give their children.

Among the unique names in the civil registry: Mazda Altagracia, Toshiba Fidelina, Querida Pina (Dear Pineapple), Tonton Ruiz (Dummy Ruiz) and Winston Churchill de la Cruz.