25-Year-Old Man Dies While Playing Wii Fit

A 25-year-old man from England, said to be fit and healthy, collapsed and died moments after playing Nintendo Wii Fit.

Tim Eves had been playing a ‘jogging level’ of the popular game when he suddenly keeled over in front of his girlfriend Emma Tuck and friend Lewis Hickin.

Tuck, 26, and Hickin, 25, tried desperately to revive him but he was declared dead on arrival at the hospital despite the efforts of paramedics.

Eves was a scout leader who enjoyed cycling, fishing and playing drums in a rock band.

It’s believed he might have been a victim of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or SADS.

Also called Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome — these genetic heart conditions can cause sudden death in young, apparently healthy people, according to the Web site SADS.org.

Warning Signs include family history of unexpected, unexplained sudden death; fainting or seizure during exercise; sudden excitement; consistent or unusual chest pain and shortness of breath during exercise.

Eves died shortly after returning home from visiting his parents.

“We spoke to him on the phone when he was playing the Wii," his mother June said.

"He told us he had just ordered himself a kebab and was sitting there with a glass of port. But a little while after he had put the phone down, he collapsed for no reason. It was completely out of the blue.”

A call placed to Nintendo by FOXNews.com was not immediately returned.

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