Are You a Domestic Terrorist?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Well, I got up this morning. I came into the office and I start reading and I see a report and I'm thinking, oh, this is actually an important story.

How do you know about domestic terror? How do you know about these militia groups? Who are they? You know, what is growing around us?

We are in trouble in America. We're in trouble because of the activities in Washington. They have taught us not to trust them. The Democrats have taught us not to trust the Republicans. The Republicans have taught us not to trust the Democrats, and so we didn't.

And then we realized, oh, my gosh, they're both lying to us. They don't actually stand for a single principle. So now what happens? Well, now, you cling to that boom stick and you worship your sky god.

Well, listen up. Here is who is growing. The government has done a study now to help authorities identify domestic terrorists. See if any of these potential warning signs seem familiar.

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The report was put together by the Missouri Information Analysis Center. It warns that militia members, most commonly associate with third-party political groups. They may display constitutional party, campaign for liberty or libertarian material.

Militia members are quote, "usually supporters of Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr." A motivation for militia activity, according to the government now, is the anticipation of the economic collapse of the U.S. Government.

Oh. And the report continues that militia members may have cartoons and bumper stickers. Yes, with anti-government rhetoric. Or sometimes, they'll have a Ron Paul bumper sticker, or they'll have this flag, "Don't tread on me." Oh, it's a snake!

This is a flag that was used during the Revolutionary War. It reads, "Don't tread on me." The rattlesnake has 13 rattles on it, representing the 13 colonies and they're never to be split apart or it doesn't rattle and warn people.

This is our founding fathers. Apparently, one of the most popular among militia members is this flag. If I only had a cartoon, a Ron Paul bumper sticker and started yelling "Get off my land right now," you could safely call me an enemy of the state.

Here is libertarian comedian and enemy of the state, Penn Jillette. Hello, Penn.

PENN JILLETTE, COMEDIAN: Well, I was taught that being an enemy of the state was part of being an American. I mean, if you wanted to read George Washington, he has more fear of government than any of the libertarian nuts we have going now.

BECK: Penn, when was the last time you read "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine?

JILLETTE: It's been a few years now...

BECK: Read it —

JILLETTE: ... but it's an important book.

BECK: Read it again.


I read it again over the Christmas holiday, because I'm rewriting it. And when I read it, I —

JILLETTE: It needs some rewrites, Glenn, from you.

BECK: No, I'm making it in today's world. I'm just putting the issues of today in it. And as I read it and I thought, my gosh, you write something like this today, you're immediately arrested. You are — "Oh, you're writing a manifesto." No, I'm pointing out the problems in our society today.

And all of a sudden, you can't talk about anything. It's not just, you know, people like, "Well, that's what you get for saying Hollywood should shut its mouth." This is not the same. This is Republicans and Democrats. This is saying if you're an independent, you might not be able to be trusted.

JILLETTE: Well, this is a real question. I'm not being rhetorical at all. But the real terrorists, the people that are acted on 9/11 — were they deeply under cover? Did they have any sort of big, strong Al Qaeda bumper stickers? Did they people about it?

BECK: Osama is my guy? No.

JILLETTE: But also Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma City — he had "The Turner Diaries."

BECK: Yes.

JILLETTE: He had some of the stuff — he was with the Missouri thing. But I don't think that even he was very overt in this kind of stuff.


JILLETTE: The people that are speaking out, the people that are — Ron Paul, Bob Barr, the people who are saying there are some problems with the government, the people like you, are not planning violence. They're actually working within the system.

BECK: You know, every time you hear about somebody who has done something crazy, it's the same thing, "I didn't know. He was so quiet."

JILLETTE: The loud nuts, the people that really speak out, if there is going to be some problem from them, it is going to be gathering everyone together. What they're afraid of is not the violence. What they're afraid of is so many people are getting so disgusted with a fake two-party system that's really a one-party system, that these people may actually get traction.


JILLETTE: It's the bumper stickers they're afraid of, not the guns.

BECK: OK. Let me return with you here in just a second, Penn.



BECK: Here's libertarian, comedian, enemy of the state, soon to be prisoner number 117411-D, Penn Jillette. Hello, Penn.


BECK: Does this make you uncomfortable? The whole —

JILLETTE: You should see what — yes, yes.

BECK: No, wait. Hang on just a second. Show my t-shirt. This doesn't make you uncomfortable because I just threw this old thing on. I just had this laying around the house. I just —

Anyway, Penn, let me ask you some of the questions that this is now according to. And I — don't get me wrong. I think this is actually smart of the government, because there are crazy nut jobs out there, that — you know, like Timothy McVeigh. Those are crazy people.

But the average person that says hey, "I'm a libertarian," or "I believe in the founding of our country. Don't tread on me," those aren't the people that are, you know, buying up fertilizer right now.

Those people we should find and watch, but not — let me just ask some of these questions. This according to Missouri State. This is who these militia members are.

Penn Jillette, do you believe in a global dictatorship called the "New World Order" which conspired to exploit the working class citizens?

JILLETTE: I do not believe in a planned conspiracy, no. I'm safe there.

BECK: Do you believe there are United Nations troops already operating in the United States in support of the New World Order?

JILLETTE: I think no.

BECK: You hesitated on that one?


JILLETTE: I want to think carefully! This could mean jail for me.

BECK: I know. Do you believe Jews control the monetary system and the media?

JILLETTE: You're not getting me into that Marlon Brando thing. Absolutely not!

BECK: All right. Here we go. Did you —

JILLETTE: There are no Jews in show business, no. No. I've said it, none.


BECK: Did you ever make a maneuver to prepare for the Y2K scare?

JILLETTE: Well, I talked my mother out of being worried, and I did check the operating system on my computer. So I guess to be honest, I would have to say yes.

BECK: Yes. I did, too. I mean, I checked the clock. And I did.


BECK: I was making all kinds of bogus statements like going to the bank and going, "Look, I had it in writing. I had $100 billion."

OK. Let me ask you this. Do you believe — this is one of the earmarks you might be in a militia — do you believe President Obama is tight on gun control?


BECK: Oh, boy. Better watch you. Do you fear President Obama will enact firearm confiscations?

JILLETTE: Well, confiscations? Maybe, sure.

BECK: Have you ever been in, like, a Google chat room or been online on chat rooms?

JILLETTE: I have been in chat rooms, yes.

BECK: Oh, boy. I love this question. I don't know what this one means —

JILLETTE: None of them political.

BECK: Anybody think too much information here? Tell me about what this one even means. Have you ever been seen in public doing community service work? Damn those people.

JILLETTE: Yes. What are they even looking at?

BECK: I don't have any idea.

JILLETTE: I have no idea what that means. I mean, does that mean if you volunteered in a nursing home, you're going to blow something up?

BECK: Might be. I'm not sure. You know what? Here's the deal. Penn, I appreciate your time. I would love to have you on again. Because on Monday, I want to do a full hour on this report. And you — we did it on radio today.
You tell me - - I mean, a lot of them are like, you know, crazy nut job stuff. But some of them are like, "Well, wait a minute. I have done that."

JILLETTE: I'll stick up for the crazy nut jobs, too. You're allowed to think and feel and express what you want in this country.

BECK: Yes. Here's what we should be watching -

JILLETTE: If you're not going for violence, you're OK.

BECK: Thank you. We should be watching the fertilizer stores for non-farmer-like people.

JILLETTE: Absolutely.

BECK: That's it. Good. Thank you very much. I mean, it's my show. Go do your magic show. We'll see you again. Thanks a lot, Penn.

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