Prisoner Known as 'Little Houdini' Escapes From Police

A 34-year-old prisoner whose escape led to a two-hour lockdown at Kennesaw State University, Tuesday, remains on the loose, but classes have resumed at the university.

Police say Chris Gay, who was wanted in Coffee County, Tenn. on charges that he stole a Wal-Mart truck, escaped on Tuesday when the deputy transporting him there from Orlando, Fla., stopped at a Waffle House.

Gay, listed as 5-foot-5 and weighing 140 pounds, is wanted in Tennessee on charges of stealing a Wal-Mart truck. He has a history as an escape artist and is nicknamed "Little Houdini."

Cobb County police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said Gay apparently broke out of his restraints when the truck pulled over.

Gay also is suspected of stealing the tour bus of country music star Crystal Gayle.

The university cancelled its evening classes, Tuesday, issuing a lockdown that lasted from 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. when the campus reopened.