Dead Body Show Promotes Health, Exhibitor Says

Gunther von Hagens, whose Body Worlds And The Mirror Of Time exhibition is on show at London's O2 Arena, insists he is presenting a "health message."

The show features a total of 200 cadavers from babies to the elderly which have been arranged in lifelike poses and preserved using von Hagens' controversial "plastination" technique. The show also has been presented in major U.S. cities including New York and Las Vegas.

It involves peeling the skin back on cadavers to reveal the inner organs, arteries and muscles and encasing it all in plastic.

"Mortality is scary, but this exhibition is not scary," said von Hagens. "People are only scared when they hear about about it, but not when they see it. When you understand death, you will live a healthier life and worship your life.

"This exhibition is all about the cycle of life, from the spark of conception, to the development of a mature body, and it goes through to elderly people," he continued. "It shows the whole spectrum of life. It shows how we develop and we age."

An estimated 26 million people have seen the Body Worlds shows in 47 cities around the world since they started in 1995.

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