Journalist Martin Bashir Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor

A bump on the head from an overhead light may have saved the life of ABC News' Martin Bashir.

The "Nightline" anchor, best known for his interviews with Michael Jackson and the late Princess Diana, went to the hospital after hitting his head on the Times Square set of "Nightline."

After receiving stitches, Bashir complained the next day of residual pain, prompting doctors to perform an MRI scan. There they discovered a small tumor on his pituitary gland.

According to reports, the tumor is small, and doctors currently have no plans to remove it. They will continue monitoring it regularly for any changes in growth.

Bashir has continued his normal workload as "Nightline" anchor, and a statement released by ABC News said that "Bashir is feeling well as he continues to keep a full schedule anchoring and reporting for ABC News."

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