Misidentified Man Buried By Wrong Family

An East St. Louis family is trying to gain some type of closure after their dead son was mistakenly buried by another family.

Kenny Stainback, 37, was shot multiple times and killed Feb. 15, and while police were investigating the shooting, a man arrived at the scene and misidentified the body as his own missing son, 41-year-old Frederick McWherter Jr., MyFOXStLouis reported.

After the McWherter family held a funeral and burial, police told them Frederick McWherter Jr. was still alive and enrolled in a rehab program in St. Louis, and the person they had buried was Stainback, the station reported.

"When I looked at the dead man in the street he looked exactly like my son, there was no doubt and if you had the opportunity to look at the pictures you would say the same thing. They look alike — same complexion, same beard, same everything," Frederick McWherter Sr. told MyFOXStLouis.

Stainback's body was exhumed Tuesday and his family will bury him at the end of the week.

"We are still not too happy about all this," Kathleen Beecher Miller, Stainback's mother told the station. "We are going through a whole lot."

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