Report: Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart 'Inseparable'

Has Jennifer Aniston found love again — or at least, love-in-the-making — with leading man Aaron Eckhart?

While filming the upcoming romantic comedy "Travelling" in Vancouver, Canada, Aniston and Eckhart have been "inseparable," according to the UK.'s Daily Mail.

An on-the-set insider described the duo as having great chemistry. "They're just so in sync all the time," the insider told the Mail.

Eckhart specifically requested that Aniston play the leading female role in the new film. This, the Mail reports, comes shortly after he ended an extensive relationship with girlfriend Ashley Wicks.

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"She's wanted to work with him for years and was completely flattered that she was his first choice to be the leading lady in this movie," the insider said.