Blogger: Story About Donald Trump's $10,000 Tip Was Fake

The Donald isn't so generous after all.

The blogger behind a receipt purportedly showing a $10,000 tip left earlier this week by Donald Trump at a California restaurant told Friday it was a fake, after the real-estate mogul denied he left the gargantuan gratuity.

Blogger "Dee Rober" said his site is strictly a "satirical celebrity gossip blog." It does, however, contain a feature called "Celebrity Gratuity," in which readers are asked to share "celeb tipping stories — good and bad."

On Thursday, reported that Trump left a $10,000 tip for waiter Billy D. on an $82.27 bill at the Buffalo Club, an eatery owned by "Miami Vice" producer Anthony Yerkovich in Santa Monica, Calif.

When contacted Thursday by, Dee Rober said in an e-mail, "We interviewed the waiter who received the $10,000 tip -- h [sic] didn't have a lot to say, kinda shy." The blogger also sent a link to a YouTube video purportedly featuring the waiter.

The blogger's comments came Friday as Trump blamed the forgery on the restaurant.

"This was done by the stupid restaurant to get publicity," Trump told the New York Post, adding, "It's not my signature."

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The story was picked up by a variety of media outlets, including

Requests for comment from Trump and the Buffalo Club were not immediately answered.