Pop Tarts: Lindsay Lohan Forgets Key Undergarment, Makes Man Cry

Lindsay Lohan is now officially free from rehab, and it seems she's unofficially free from wearing a bra these days, too.

The trying-not-to-be-bad girl was spotted out and about at L.A.'s You and Me restaurant last Thursday evening sporting a sexy see-through black dress and no cotton coverings for her "chilly" top half.

Well, it seems like you can take the girl out of the naughtiness, but you can't take the naughtiness out of the girl…

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And who knew someone with as much dinero as Lohan would get glammed up at H&M?

Pop Tarts popped the pop tart shopping at the popular low-price clothing store on Wednesday afternoon, where she was more than happy to pose for pics and make very big boys cry.

"There was a man who was about 50 who came in and had his picture taken with Lindsay," said our store spy. "The whole situation was obviously very overwhelming for him, and he just started sobbing in front of her."

Criss Angel After Gene Simmons' 15-Year-Old Daughter?

Criss Angel may have dated Cameron Diaz and hung out with Britney Spears, but now it seems the almost 40-year-old has the illusion of being with someone a little younger.

"Every time I look in the mirror I get a bit scared, but actually I've had my eye on your daughter but I've heard she is only 15," Pop Tarts heard a smiling Angel telling Kiss frontman Gene Simmons at Thursday's Dussault Apparel launch party, where both stars were shooting their reality shows. "That's who caught my eye."

But Simmons had a legal solution for the illusionist.

"Oh it is OK because she is almost 16," responded the rocker regarding his daughter Sophie. "You know she is 5 feet, 10 inches and very, very good at tae kwon do…"

Meanwhile, Gene is happy to share an entire city and busty blondes with his own baby boy. And it comes as no surprise that Simmons has a heap of friends in high places.

"I spoke to some people I know at the City Council and had them close off a block on Melrose just for this opening without it costing a dime," the tongue-wagging hard-rocker said. "L.A. is a completely flexible place — it has a down and dirty side, but then you come to a store like Dussault and it's totally upscale and hot."

Speaking of hot, Simmons was determined that the blondes bouncing off him throughout the night should be saving their "Kisses" for his son Nicholas.

"That's my son, he's 18 now. Go over and put your arms around him — look, his shoes are hot," Simmons told his feminine fan club just after saying how he would prefer to have "1,000 women rather than having one woman he was totally in love with."

But as the glamorous girls glided over to Gene's junior, all Nicholas saw was red.

"Gee thanks, Dad — you just have no shame," Nick said. "And it is nighttime, take off those darn shades…"

Surrounded by blondes, son tells off Gene Simmons

And even though he is headed for 60, Simmons still beats out his young son as the dames disappeared with him into the darkness ... only to "reappear" another time on the red carpet (he walked it three times) in between hanging around outside the venue.

"I want to be on TMZ," he told Pop Tarts. "I want the paparazzi to see me."

Nintendo Nutrition: Martha Stewart, Tom Hanks and Amy Grant Test New 'Crash' Diet

Forget Atkins, South Beach and Sugar Busters — there's a new, much faster diet hitting Tinseltown, and everyone from Martha Stewart to Corbin Bleu to Amy Grant to Tom Hanks are feeling the instant benefits.

While some diets help stars to shed some weight, unlikely nutritionist Nintendo (with a little help from astronaut Buzz Aldrin) helped Pop Tarts pop every single pound without healthy eating and exercise. Seriously.

"It definitely gives you a feeling like there is a Sea of Tranquility, and I just wanted others to be able to know what it is like to be so weightless that you float," Buzz told us. "The stars are all trying it out, and I love to inspire other kids to follow this way of life. I recommend it to anybody."

Video: Click here to watch Pop Tarts, Super Mario and Buzz Aldrin Float

But this way of life has a no "weights" required clause (and M&M eating is even encouraged), so last week Pop Tarts celebrated the highly anticipated "Super Mario Galaxy" game launch with the big-boned boy himself on a Zero G flight in Sin City.

The breakthrough technology allows passengers to take to the skies without a space shuttle to experience weightlessness and lunar gravity … and the celebs are flocking.

"The first parabola is just incredible when you see the eyes and they start smiling and know they finally know what micro-gravity is," added Buzz. "And we're getting a Hollywood lineup … Martha Stewart, Amy Grant, Corbin Bleu and of course Tom Hanks all know the best way to lose the weight!"

But even though we survived the two hours in the air, like most "Crash" diets, the effects didn't last and the weight came back upon slamming back. But Super Mario is sticking with the diet, so let's hope the 3-D star doesn't get too skinny.

"He has been to space before, but not to this gravity," said a Nintendo spokesperson. "But this new game is really robust with space and he's traveling between planets — so yeah, I'm sure he will shape up."

Mario Lopez's Girlfriend Tries to Sell Him

Speaking of a different type of Mario, lush Latina Karina Smirnoff may have lost last season's "Dancing With the Stars," but she came out of it a winner when she won the heart of her dancing dude Mario Lopez.

And while the romantic relations between the two are still supposedly going strong, Smirnoff was willing to sell off her sexy beau for cardiac charities on Saturday evening.

"Please start the bidding for my man Mario Lopez," Karina said at the King of Hearts Gala to raise funds for Cope Health Solutions in partnership with The Larry King Foundation and the LAC & USC Medical Center. "Five minutes with Mario just might get your heart going … going good."

And it certainly got the blood bubbling for the "Saved by the Bell" boy himself, who was quick to put forward $2,500 to try and buy himself. But is there something "irregular" about the beat of their bond?

"We can't have that," Smirnoff scoffed. "Let's increase it to 10 minutes all alone with my man Mario. Anybody?"

The "Extra" host was eventually purchased, but let's just pray he sticks to prancing rather than prostitution in the future…

Insider: Owen Wilson Was 'Fighting' for Kate Hudson's Love in Suicide Attempt

Owen Wilson certainly seems to be making a spirited return since his reported suicide attempt in August. But was it a broken heart that caused one of film’s favorite funnymen to consider ending it all?

Wilson’s dramatic downturn coincided with the weekend release of photos showing his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson getting mushy in Malibu with new man Dax Shepard, and according to an insider, the loss of love sent him spinning.

“Kate and Owen definitely had a very special connection and they will always have that connection, but for a number of reasons the relationship just didn’t work out,” said the source. “Hollywood is a hard place, and the pressure of trying to keep things personal got to them.

"Kate was able to move on but Owen just wasn’t; she’s an amazing woman and Owen really thought he was with 'the one.' Everybody keeps saying it was all drugs, but it wasn’t. Clearly Owen was fighting for love," the insider said.

Earlier this year, the fair-haired pair went public with their passion while Hudson was shooting “Fool’s Gold” Down Under, and an on-set staffer said that Wilson was simply in awe of the “Almost Famous” flame.

“Clearly they were very much in love, and Kate was very conscious about making sure she scheduled plenty of private time with Wilson,” said the spy. “But they way Owen watched her was so sweet — it made you think that there was just nobody else in the world he could ever be with.”

But in recent weeks, Hudson is rumored to have broken up with Shepard (even though we’re told they are still very close pals) and has sparked speculation that she wants to work things out with Owen.

“Who knows what the future will bring for them both? Romance or not, Kate just wants Owen to know she’s there for him and would never forgive herself if anything was to happen,” added our source.

And while Wilson’s reported attempt to end his life came as a worldwide shock as the comely comedian had spent so many years making flocks of fans laugh, our expert believes that depression is even more dangerous among comedians, as it is often disguised by their humor.

“It has been shown through many examples (John Belushi, Chris Farley, Jim Carrey , etc.) that comedians do comedy to overcompensate for a level of sadness or difficulty they experience or have experienced in their lives,” said Sloane Veshinski, a marriage and family therapist who does not treat Wilson or Hudson.

“The ability to laugh helps to reinforce that they are liked and respected, although for many, they are unable to internalize that love others have for them, and they become self-destructive as they feel sad, depressed, unworthy or generally isolated as people always want them to be 'on,' which is impossible for them or anyone else for that matter," she added.

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