Jeb Bush's Sons Divided on Republican White House Candidate Support

Political loyalties are split in Jeb Bush's family.

Jeb Bush Jr., the youngest son of the former governor, has signed on with Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, volunteering to serve as chairman of the Republican's efforts to reach Florida's young professionals.

His older brother, George P. Bush, has been supporting Republican rival Fred Thompson.

"We have a family divide now," Jeb Bush Jr., said Thursday. "We have some debates, but it's always friendly. He's been with Thompson now for a while. Fred Thompson is a great man as well."

Jeb Bush Jr., 23, graduated from the University of Texas in 2005 and now works for a Miami commercial real estate firm. George P. Bush, 31, earned a law degree from the same school and is the chief operating officer of a Fort Worth, Texas, real estate development company. President Bush is their uncle.

Their father left office in January after two terms. He hasn't publicly endorsed a candidate, though he did urge several people close to him, including his lieutenant governor, Toni Jennings, to talk with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney before deciding whom to support.

Jeb Bush Jr., said that while he talks politics with his father now and then, he was not an influence on his decision to support the former New York mayor.

While his older brother has had a more active interest in politics, Bush said working with the Giuliani campaign will be "a fun experience."

"My involvement will gradually increase. I have a day job and I'm focused on my career as well," he said. "I'm taking this as an experience to get involved and learn more about politics."