Jenna Bush's Future Father-in-Law on Son's Engagement to First Daughter

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JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: The "Big Talker": Nixon, Johnson and Teddy Roosevelt's daughters all got married at the White House. Will President Bush's daughter Jenna be next?

The youngest of the twins by just a few minutes is getting hitched. Jenna just got engaged to former Karl Rove aide Henry Hager on Wednesday in Maine. Her father has only a little over a year left in office. Will he give the bride away on the North Lawn or the South Lawn?

With me now is In Style magazine national correspondent Katrina Szish and with us on the phone is Jenna's future father-in-law John Hager. He is the current chairman of Virginia's Republican Party and a former lieutenant governor of that state.

Mr. Hager, congratulations, first of all.

JOHN HAGER, CHAIRMAN OF VIRGINIA'S REPUBICAN PARTY: Thank you. I really appreciate that. People have been very excited about this and that's good. Good for all of us.

GIBSON: I'm sure you're proud and happy and so a little inside information, how about it? Is it going to be a White House wedding?

HAGER: You're barking up the wrong tree for that. I'm just very pleased about Jenna and Henry. Both of them are very accomplished and have done a lot and deserve everything that's coming to them.

GIBSON: How long have they been dating?

HAGER: It's been almost three years.

GIBSON: Where did they meet?

HAGER: They met in Washington.

GIBSON: And you know Jenna pretty well. What do you think of her?

HAGER: Jenna is a wonderful person. She's got a heart of gold.

GIBSON: And what is your son going to be up to next? How is he going to make a living to support a first daughter?

HAGER: Well, he's in graduate business school right now. He's in the second year at Darden School at the University of Virginia. And I don't know that he's decided what he's going to do when he graduates, but he had a very successful internship this summer with ConocoPhillips down in Houston. I'm sure he'll be in demand.

GIBSON: So did the future in-laws get together and discuss all this?

HAGER: Not directly, although we have had some occasions, you know, in the last year where we have run into the Bushes. And we have always had a great deal of admiration for them and they have always been very nice to us. So, you know, it has been a very cordial situation all along.

GIBSON: Mr. Hager, we're happy for you. You got the cowboy hat and the boots?

HAGER: Well, I will. If that's the direction that they want us to go, we'll certainly be there.

GIBSON: All right. John Hager, congratulations again. Thanks for joining us.

HAGER: Thanks for you and your good show.

GIBSON: All right. Katrina, so there's some history with these White House weddings.


GIBSON: First of all, is it your guess, official guess as a pro, as a pro in this department, is it going to be a White House wedding?

SZISH: A lot of people — as a pro, I would say in my heart, no. Because I think Jenna doesn't consider the White House home. She's either going to go for a ranch wedding or for even a Kennebunkport wedding. Maybe she'll have a reception, some sort of wedding party at the White House. But Jenna does her own thing. She's pretty strong-willed and I think she'll choose something that feels right to her.

GIBSON: Well there have been a few White House weddings. Nixon's daughter was married at the White House.

SZISH: Oh, years ago.

GIBSON: Isn't that a big deal? Wouldn't every young woman like to be married in the White House?

SZISH: That's what you would think. I mean, it's sort of a rare opportunity to even be able to have a White House wedding, much less the thought of turning one down. But a lot of people who are close to Jenna say she's strong, she's tough, and if she doesn't want it, she's not going to have it.

GIBSON: Katrina, it's always good to see you.

SZISH: Thanks, John.

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