''Til Death' Actor Brad Garrett Caught on Tape Smacking Photographer's Camera

Brad Garrett has become the latest celebrity to tangle with photographers, slapping away a camera in a video that was posted online Monday.

The camera belonged to a photographer working for TMZ.com, which posted the video, TMZ's managing editor, Harvey Levin, said Monday.

Click here to read the TMZ report and watch the video.

Garrett was leaving a restaurant Sunday night, according to TMZ, when he was surrounded by paparazzi photographers. He's seen chatting amiably with them as they photograph him walking to his car when one begins to shout insults at him.

Garrett looks into the TMZ photographer's video camera, says, "Excuse me," and slaps the lens.

"What are you hitting me for?" the videographer shouts, adding he wasn't the one yelling at Garrett.

"You hit my face with that," he says as the actor gets in his car to leave.

Levin said the man suffered minor injuries, including a swollen eye.

He didn't know if the cameraman planned to press charges, but said TMZ would not because the camera wasn't damaged.

Garrett's manager, Glenn Robbins, did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

Garrett, 47, stars in the Fox sitcom "'Til Death." He won three Emmys for his role as Ray Romano's brother Robert on "Everybody Loves Raymond."