Pop Tarts: Jennifer Lopez Fears Hollywood Hate

Despite having a mountain of movies, music, clothing and perfume nestled next to her name, Jennifer Lopez has confessed to fears of someday being hated by Hollywood.

“I wake up every day and I worry that it all might end; you just never know in this industry,“ she told FOXNews.com on the red carpet at the Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon on Thursday.

“No matter how successful you are, this is Hollywood — it's unpredictable. But it is this that motivates me just to keep working harder.”

And while J-Lo likes to spread her skills across a stream of industries, the star doesn’t necessarily believe that this is the secret to success.

“I think if music is your passion, then stick to music, or if acting is your passion, then stay with that,” she said. “But for me, I wanted to try a variety of things and it’s the diversity that I love. But everybody is different and at the end of the day you just have to follow your heart."

Meanwhile, her ex-husband's attempt to “Get Loud” in a tell-all biography about Lopez has been busted — leaving the multimillion-dollar music mogul just under $545,000 richer to compensate for her personal suffering.

The sexy songstress sued Ojani Noa for attempting to publish a book that claims she had numerous extramarital affairs.

However, Lopez took the case to the courts not over defamation, but over a confidentially clause broken by Noa following their 2005 split. The clause stated that Noa would not disclose any intimate details surrounding their relationship.

A rep for the “Maid in Manhattan” star confirmed the settlement but declined further comment.

Brad Pitt Thrown Out Of Court

No doubt Brad Pitt had “No Objection, Your Honor” when the case he was assigned to for jury duty was not contested.

After postponing his civil service several times, the “Babel” babe finally showed up in Los Angeles on Thursday to do his part in making America a safer place. The defendant, however, pleaded no contest to DUI charges, which meant that Pitt was a free man.

Report: Fed-Ex Battles Brit for Their Babies

Kevin Federline is so wary of his ex-wife Britney Spears' wayward ways that he filed an order Wednesday to show cause for primary physical custody, People magazine reports.

The divorced divas share their two sons 50/50, but a source close to Federline told People that the would-be-rapper was worried Spears was exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk" and that his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, "hopes to get Kevin primary custody."

In June, when the couple was wrangling over their divorce settlement, Federline was still resisting signing the papers over growing concerns about Spears' erratic behavior.

Details of the suit remain sealed and calls to K-Fed’s rep were not returned.

Li-Lo Let Loose in Rehab?

After days of speculation that Lindsay Lohan has been doing the “Li-Lo” on either Long Island, N.Y., or in Utah, a woman has come out and declared that the “Mean Girl” has officially returned to rehab.

A woman identified only as Jane P (who has just checked out of the Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Sundance, Utah) told "The Insider" online that the troubled starlet swooped into the facility last Thursday in her signature sunglasses. Jane P also professed that Lohan’s presence has been problematic for other patients.

This marks Lindsay’s third rendezvous in rehab this year. In January she did the 12 steps at Wonderland, and then the pop princess paraded at Promises in July.

Meanwhile, a former bodyguard of the 21-year-old, Tony Ameida, has blamed Lindsay’s problematic parents for her downfall in an interview with In Touch magazine.

According to Ameida, when Linds was just 16, she and her estranged father, Michael, had a physical fight on the Long Island Expressway in which he called her a "slut." The beefy bodyguard said that he had to separate the dueling duo.

Ameida also added that mother, Dina, often let her daughter down the drinks and get dirty at only 15 with her then-boyfriend Aaron Carter.

Apparently Mrs. Lohan let the pop pair stay in a hotel room alone together and was simply satisfied that her baby girl had picked someone who could enhance her public profile.

Swank and Theron: A Touch of Tension?

Just because they are both Academy Award-winning actresses with brains and beauty doesn’t necessarily mean that Hilary Swank and Charlize Theron are best buddies.

The two talents showed a sizeable “Space Between” while seated next to each other at Thursday’s Hollywood Foreign Press luncheon. The glamorous guests had their backs turned for the majority of the luncheon and barely exchanged a glance, let alone a word, throughout the fine feast.

But one person Charlize was more than psyched to see was screen stud Jamie Foxx. Theron leapt up with a surprised squeal when she spotted her longtime pal, and the two embraced excitedly. Despite looking the belle of ball, the blond bombshell was still a little self-conscious.

“Don’t look at my dress,” she told the diners. “It’s wrinkled. I didn’t have time to iron it.”

Meanwhile, Swank splurged to FOXNews.com about what to expect when her film “P.S., I Love You” is released in December.

“It’s definitely a movie that you laugh through your tears,” she said. “There’s a lot of laughter to be had, but it’s also a reminder not to take the people you love for granted. It’s just so heart-warming.”

As for working with former “Friend” Lisa Kudrow?

“She’s still a lot like Phoebe, she’s such a talented comedian,” Swank said. “But in this film you really get to see the other side of her as well.”

Hef's Hearty Appetite

He may have a bunch of blond bunnies by his side at all times, but Hugh Hefner is no little rabbit when it comes to wining and dining.

The magazine mogul, his three glamorous “Girls Next Door” and six other bunny babes hopped into Hollywood hotspot Ketchup for some classic American comfort food on Tuesday night.

Hef, who has frequented Sunset Boulevard’s glamorous grill three times in the past month, ordered his usual from The Dolce Group’s chef Christopher Tunnell: Kobe Burger sliders, shoestring fries and a cold glass of milk.

And while his personal posse of Playmates pander to him, Hef is no demanding diva.

“He and his girls are always very polite and gracious to the staff,” a restaurant insider told FOXNews.com. “And they certainly know how to relax and have a good time.”

It’s Not Tamara! Willis Woos Many Young Women

Despite reports that “Sin City” sensation Bruce Willis has been canoodling in Europe with American actress Tamara Feldman, FOXNews.com has learned that the Demi Moore look-alike is actually 1998’s Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal.

Willis has been busted getting down and dirty in the oceans of Italy with the sexy centerfold, who just so happens to be 16 years his junior.

Click here for pics.

However, according to a rep for Willis, the provocative pair isn't necessarily in a romantic relationship.

“Karen is just someone he is going out with,” said the spokesperson. “Bruce goes out with a lot of different girls.”

And while ex-wife Demi may be committed to just one young gun, buffed-up Bruce seems to prefer “bunny” bouncing.

Late last year, the actor was linked to another Hugh Hefner heartbreaker, 23-year-old Playmate Tamara Witmer, and prior to this, the rumor mill churned that he and Lindsay Lohan were behaving badly.

“Bruce is a great guy, he works hard and plays hard,” said a pal of the “Die Hard” hunk. “He can have anyone he wants and likes to make the most of life.”

'Sex and the City' Movie in the Works

While Sarah Jessica Parker spent Tuesday in the Big Apple to promote her new Macy’s exclusive perfume “Covet," the golden-haired glamour girl also sprayed some “Sexy” news.

Parker told the press that the much-anticipated “Sex in the City” film is in full prep and Carrie Bradshaw could be cruising with a Cosmo in as soon as six weeks.

And “Big” has officially signed on to be by her side.

“Chris [Noth] will be working on the movie and filming 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' simultaneously,” a spokesperson for the actor told FOXNews.com.

But we’ll have to wait to find out whether the two will still be romantically romping in the film.

“We know it’s set in the present,” Parker told "Extra." “But all else has been wiped from memory.”

Josh Hartnett Forced to Sleep in Asian Brothel

In Hollywood he is considered one of the hottest guys, but “Pearl Harbor” hunk Josh Hartnett isn’t even "big" enough to get a hotel room in the Philippines.

The actor is currently trekking through Asia for the filming of “I Come With the Rain,” and he and the film crew had no choice but to reside in a brothel as all alternative accommodations were booked.

“Josh isn’t really that well-known over there, so they didn’t have much pulling power to get him a room,” said an on-set insider. “But he didn’t mind roughing it for a little while.”

A spokesperson for Hartnett confirmed that he and the crew stayed in a brothel.

Nude Nerves: Jessica Biel Stalling on Strip

She may have what most consider a figure fresh from “7th Heaven," but Jessica Biel is still bothered about flashing her flesh for a film.

According to insiders on the set of her latest movie, “Powder Blue,” the Hollywood hottie is dreading getting down and dirty in the presence of a camera crew, particularly due to fears that her bare body could be exploited on the Internet.

But perhaps Jess has decided that a new 'do will help her go a little more incognito — she's ditched her golden locks for darker strands.

Click here for a pic.

Her beau, Justin Timberlake, doesn’t mind the brunette Biel, as the pop prince was recently spotted in Santa Monica buying a “commitment" ring for his glowing girlfriend.

But according to an insider from Life & Style, JT doesn’t want to walk down the aisle just yet, he simply wants to symbolize his love and affection.

Gwyneth Goes Under God

Golden girl Gwyneth Paltrow is a superstar, a supermom and now we have “Great Expectations” for her as a spousal superhero.

Although she has taken a break from the limelight over the last couple of years to care for her kids, Paltrow has bounced back from her baby bod and is as rock-hard as ever. Literally. The yummy-mommy is set to star in “Iron Man” alongside Robert Downey Jr.

"It's been a long time since I've done a big part in a movie, and I'm very excited," she splurged to W magazine, adding that it was Robert himself who encouraged her to step back onto the silver screen.

And when it comes to motherhood, it seems Gwyn and her rocker hubby, Chris Martin, may very well be flourishing their family Brangelina-style.

"My husband really wants to adopt. So I don't know, I'm sort of open for anything,” the “Seven” star said. She also said she might like to have two more kids in a few years.

And why is Paltrow posing beneath a picture of Jesus in the W spread?

“There is no particular reason for the pose — that is what the room at the house we were shooting in looked like,” her spokesperson said.

'Wild Things': Sheen and Richards Heading Back to Court?

Charlie Sheen is reportedly planning to take his ex-wife Denise Richards back to court in an ongoing custody calamity.

Their arrangement says only Richards can hire and provide a caretaker even when the children are in Sheen's care, yet Sheen is determined to have this amended.

"This is disgusting. He is doing this now because he's not happy with me and the custody arrangement,” Richards told the New York Post.

Denise believes that her ex-hubby is acting out of spite, as she asked if her mother (who is suffering from cancer) could see more of the children before her illness deepened.

“He doesn't stick to the schedule he has with the kids — that's not my fault," she added.

Yet in another strange set on events, the “Platoon” star has filed a request that his ex-wife be banned from phoning his house except for in emergencies, claiming that Richards has recently been dialing his digits in dispute.

And adding fire to fury, Sheen also told "Entertainment Tonight" that Richards wanted his sperm for another baby — asserting that he even has the documents to prove such a request.

However, a spokesperson for Sheen says his intentions to head back to the courtroom are solely based on his desire to see more of his daughters.

“He (Charlie) has petitioned the court to have more time with his children as any loving father would do,” the rep told FOXNews.com

Playboy Party: Boys, Bunnies and No Bad Behavior?

It seems the days of dirty dancing, drinking and disorder at the Playboy Mansion are memories of the past.

Insiders who attended the famous Beverly Hills home on Saturday night for the Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream party got a little less than expected.

“It was pretty subdued really,” one partygoer said. “I thought things would be wild, but everybody was well-behaved. Most people just drank, danced and chatted.”

Hef and his “Girls Next Door” also did the socialite rounds, with his No. 1 gal Holly Madison harnessed to her “Puffin’s” side the whole night.

And while Madison isn’t a Mansion mother just yet, the Playboy beauty is still hopping crazy for a mini-Hef.

“She really, really wants to have Hugh’s child,” said Rob Hilburger, publicity director for Playboy Enterprises. “Yet whether or not Hef wants to be a dad again, we’ll see. …”

But while the Arabian-themed night was stripped of scandal, there was no deprivation when it came to bare breasts and bottoms. Dozens of big-busted bunnies and body-painted babes boozed and cruised with predictable Playboy polish.

And the star-studded lineup remained strong with the presence of perennial Playboy partiers such as HBO’s Bill Maher, pro-surfer and documentary star Koby Abberton, hip-hopper Lil' Jon, Paris Hilton, her sister Nicky and Nicky's beau, David Katzenberg.

The stylish sisters were on standby to squash the recent speculation that they had had a falling out by smiling and swinging together throughout the night.

Scantily clad in lingerie care of Agent Provocateur, Paris paraded in a Dalmation-print coat, black underwear and sexy suspenders.

Click here for a pic.

Strangely enough, the paparazzi-popular Paris chose not to be the life of the party and even hid beneath a shirt as she fled the flesh-flashing festivities.

“Paris had a drink and danced and looked like she was having a good time,” another eyewitness added. “But she wasn’t drawing attention to herself. She kinda looked like she wanted to lay low.”

Pursuit of Skinnyness: Thandie Newton’s Body Battle

Itty bitty beauty Thandie Newton might be a successful screen star, but she suffered the ordeal of bulimia in her ballerina days.

The “Pursuit of Happyness” actress told People magazine that she survived on cottage cheese and after numerous abusive relationships she returned to her dangerous disorder before seeking professional help.

Although she is now a healthy mother of two, Newton still wears the scars on her knuckles from where she forced her fingers down her throat.

Not ConFIRMed: Britney Has a Boss?

Britney Spears may have finally employed a pro to help handle her PR headaches.

TMZ reported the Britster will enlist the services of mogul-manager Jeff Kwatinez of The Firm, who represents stars such as Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, nothing is set in stone and the company has declined to comment.

Pop Prison: A 'Thrilling' Experience

While Michael Jackson missed out on making prison his new pad, 1,600 inmates in the Philippines have used the music mogul for motivation.

A clip posted on YouTube that features the prisoners dancing in unison to the '80s hit “Thriller” in their infamous orange jumpsuits has become an international sensation and obtained over 2 million hits.

Click here to watch.

The dungeon dancers practiced twice daily for a month, perfecting their thrusts and throws before their prison performance. According to jail officials, the MJ moves have helped to discipline the detainees.

Pamela Anderson Parades Through Pepperdine in See-Through Blouse

It seems “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson's secret to sexiness is simply strolling.

The star's secluded trek is through Malibu's Pepperdine University in the wee hours of the morning, and according to a Pop Tarts spy (who spots the star most mornings), she struts with a see-through blouse, sports bra and pocket-size pants. Trust Pammy to look stylish while sweating.

However, the past Playmate has decided to ditch the silver screen for desert dancing. Anderson has been working with magician Hans Klok in Vegas and wants to set her Sin City status in stone.

"I love theater ... I'm rehearsing another illusion tonight ... No more TV or film. This is what I love doing,” she wrote in her online diary.

No Breaking News for Brangelina

Despite rumors running rampant that Hollywood’s hottest couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have parted ways, their publicity posse has set the record straight.

“These magazines continue to write lies about our clients to sell magazines,” a spokesperson told Us Magazine.

“Ever since they got together, everybody has been saying that they're entering Splitsville,” another source told FOXNews.com. “It’s all a load of BS. They’re very happy together.”

And if the comely couple ever does split, their time together will now remain permanently “stamped” on society.

Brangelina and baby Shiloh appeared on a recent cover of Australia’s New Idea magazine, and the cover was to be reproduced into a stamp.

Paris Not Dumped for Gisele

Despite reports that Paris Hilton was given the flick by Australian fashion designer Tyler Atkins, FOXNews.com has learned that it's all a lump of lies.

Atkins, 21, went on the Australian radio program "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" last week claiming that he had had enough of making out with Hilton in Malibu and moved on to "someone better in bed."

"Nothing happened between them at all to start with," an insider close to both sources exclusively revealed. "I don't understand why Tyler felt the need to say such things. Paris is a real person; stuff like this can be very damaging."

A spokesperson for the hotel heiress confirmed that she and Atkins never were an item.

On-air, however, Tyler added that he is romantically romping with the "world's biggest supermodel" and insinuated that this was Tom Brady's Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen.

"It's unlikely," another insider said of this insinuation. "It sounds like Tyler is just a little starstruck."

Heidi Klum’s Bust-Boosting 'Secret'

She may be a mom, but Heidi Klum still knows how to glamorize her "girls."

The ubermodel was in Los Angeles on Wednesday to promote Victoria Secret’s new breast booster: Body By Victoria Full Coverage Uplift.

Click here for a pic

And even with a few extra lumps and bumps, Klum says motherhood is worth the woes.

“People always say your body changes a lot after you have kids — and it does! But it’s worth it for me,” she said. “The children are more important than myself. But I have not forgotten about myself. I enjoy my life more than ever now that I have this big family that I always wanted.”

And obviously Victoria's Secret doesn't mind Heidi’s more maternal mold, as its bras are aimed at all ages and figures.

“[The Full Coverage Uplift] is designed to make you feel comfortable and sexy at any shape and size and fits invisibly under your clothes, making it the perfect everyday bra that flattens as it covers just to get the support you need,” a spokeswoman for the brand told FOXNews.com. “It is the first full coverage bra that also lifts.”

And according to Ravelo, Klum isn’t the one who uses this “Secret” to amplify her assets.

“Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Eva Longoria and Kate Bosworth are all big fans of the brand,” she said.

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