Will Kids Want Jesus Doll Over Bratz or Barbie?

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Wal-Mart has evidently noticed there are a lot of Christians who pack Wal-Mart stores buying things, and company executives have consequently decided to conduct a little experiment.

Next to the Barbie dolls and the Bratz dolls will soon be other doll choices for little kids, or for their parents who need to buy something for the little kids. Wal-Mart is going to market a Jesus doll and it will be sitting on the same shelf as Barbie and the others, saying pick me, don't choose the trash.

Seriously. The Jesus doll speaks. It quotes Scripture. There will also be a doll of Daniel in the lion's den.

This comes as a response — mostly — to parental concerns about doll choices. Bratz dolls are controversial because they are all tarted up, to borrow Dan Rather's phrase. They seem to encourage sexualizing young girls — children — as if they were adults. And next to Bratz dolls, the old standby Barbie doll is more like Laura Bush.

But the head of the company that makes the Jesus doll and the Daniel doll says: "If you walk down the toy aisles, you see a lot of reproductions of Satan," or dolls that promote promiscuity. He adds that many parents want an alternative to what's out there.

Well, I'm sure parents do. We'll see about the kids.

I wish Wal-Mart well selling dolls that don't look like the h-word. But I wonder if the parents are going to get away switching dolls on their little girl. The culture is probably working much harder at making little girls want a Bratz doll than a Jesus doll.

People want to do good with their doll choices. Let's hope for the best, and pray the best doll wins.

That's My Word.

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