'Mad Hatter' Bank Robber Arrested, Identified

The man who robbed 17 banks while wearing an array of hats was arrested and identified, authorities said Monday.

The suspect, James Madison, will have an initial appearance Monday in Federal court in Newark at 1 p.m.

Earlier Monday, FBI Special Agent Sean Quinn told The Star-Ledger of Newark that the FBI had arrested a man "who fits the general description of the Mad Hatter," the newspaper reported on its Web site.

Authorities believe the robber known as the "Mad Hatter" held up 17 banks in northern New Jersey between last year and Sunday, when he robbed a Bank of America branch located inside a supermarket in Union around 11:30 a.m. He walked out with $5,000.

Despite his nickname, the "Mad Hatter" never made a big scene. He simply walked into banks, handed tellers a note demanding money, got it and walked off.

Police said he was nondescript — a middle-aged white man of average height and build who sometimes wore a flannel shirt, sometimes a blazer.