Rep. Christopher Shays Apologizes for Capitol Hill Confrontation

Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., on Friday apologized for a confrontation he had a day earlier with a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

"I clearly could have handled the situation with the officer in a more professional and respectful way, and I regret I did not do so. ... When I return to Washington on Monday, I hope to have the opportunity to meet with the officer and apologize to him in person," Shays said.

"I take full responsibility for this incident and want to ensure it does not reflect negatively on the officer in any way," he added.

Sources told FOX News that Shays was going to meet a constituent group Thursday outside the Capitol building for a photo. Through apparent miscommunication, Shays and the group were on opposite sides of the Capitol building when it began to rain.

Shays called the Capitol police, attempting to bring the group inside, but Capitol police wouldn't take the call. Shays found the group and the officer on the opposite side of the Capitol and a shouting match ensued, sources said.

A source told that Shays began to "scream obscenities" at the police officer and grabbed the officer's nametag to verify his identification before storming off.

Sources tell FOX News that it is unclear whether police would file charges in the incident or whether the police union would file a complaint, however, the apology was likely to help smooth over raw feelings.

FOX News' Jim Mills contributed to this report.