O.J.'s 'Not Guilty' Suit Goes on Auction Block

A sports memorabilia dealer says he is in possession of the suit OJ Simpson wore when he was pronounced "not guilty" of murder and is trying to sell it for $25,000, according to celebrity news site TMZ.com.

It's not immediately clear how Bruce Formong got a hold of the suit, shirt and tie Simpson was wearing when the verdict was announced in 1995, but he said he wanted to have OJ's skivvies too.

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"I wish I had the underwear but he (Simpson) must have crapped himself when they said 'not guilty," Formong told TMZ.

Formong is also planning to sell footballs presented to Simpson during his athletic career, as well as a photo of the former running back with former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover dating back to the '60s.