Would Bush-Hating Dems Also Have Wanted to Impeach Abe Lincoln?

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The Dems are fighting with each other over how to lose in Iraq quickly enough. And to make sure there is something they can all agree on they're also organizing something called Impeach '07, which is aimed at, well, I'm sure you know who. You may also recall that Democrats briefly argued whether they could or should actually go back in time in order to take back their vote authorizing the Iraq war.

So combing the two — impeaching a president who violated the Constitution and pursued a very unpopular war, and the urge to go back and redo things that should have been done right the first time — we must conclude the Democrats would want to go back for a huge impeachment do-over: the impeachment of Abe Lincoln.

This idea comes from columnist and talk show host Mike Rosen out in Denver. He points out that like Bush, Lincoln used the military to attack a sovereign state — in this case the Confederate South — and that he lied to the American public about its true reasons for the war. First it was to save the union, and then it was to free the slaves. And you could impeach Lincoln for trampling the rights of citizens, particularly the right of habeas corpus. Lincoln put his enemies in jail so they couldn't interfere with his war plans. And like Bush, Lincoln can be impeached for his incompetence at managing the war. It was a mess until Ulysses S. Grant showed up and saved Lincoln's bacon.

This is an exercise in calling their bluff. No. 1, the Democrats don't want a Bush impeachment. Too messy. However, the nutjobs on the far, far left do. So the logic here is OK, if Bush goes up on these charges so should Lincoln, right?

Well, even Democrats have a hard time publicly denouncing Abe Lincoln. It is, after all, a party founded on the descendants of the very slaves Lincoln freed. So you won't see that time-machine impeachment of Abe Lincoln, and if they have any sense they'll just make noise about impeaching Bush and return to shooting themselves in the foot over their 10,000 war exit plans.

That's My Word.

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