Woman Handcuffs Herself to Actor Hugh Grant on Red Carpet

Hugh Grant got hitched — but not in the usual sense.

A woman ran up to the actor and handcuffed herself to him while he walked the red carpet at the Amsterdam premiere of his latest romantic comedy "Music and Lyrics," The New York Daily News reported.

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"I am trying to be with my fans, and you are pissing me off," he reportedly told her. "Do you have a key?"

She replied no, and an exasperated Grant said, "Well, then, you will have to walk with me inside," according to the newspaper.

The die-hard fan wound up being from a Dutch prank TV show, the News reported. Police and fire rescue had to be called to cut off the cuffs. The woman was arrested and spent two hours at the local police station but was later released.

FOX News' Catherine Donaldson-Evans contributed to this report.