Hillary Clinton Already Making Policy

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President Hillary Clinton started making policy today. At the DNC winter meetings in Washington she began to reveal some of the Clinton Part Deux agenda, which will kick into gear after her inauguration.

Yesterday Exxon declared the biggest profit in the entire history of capitalism — $39 billion — and that did not escape Hillary's notice. Today she promised to tax Exxon on those huge profits, and tax those greedy capitalist pigs big time. Here's her quote:

"I want to take those profits and put them into an alternative energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy alternatives that will actually begin to move us toward the direction of independence."

She referred to those profits as the highest in the history of the world, and she said: "I want to take those profits..." Not I want to take part of those profits. "I want to take those profits," she said.

Well hang on to your hats, oil company shareholders, because Hillary is after your profits.

Now I've said that the heads of these companies that take obscenely enormous bonuses ought to restrain themselves and make less of a tempting target, and this is precisely the reason why. If the capitalists look like pigs there is always someone wanting to take the hogs to the slaughterhouse. And Hillary has stepped up to volunteer for the job.

How many votes do you think she can get tapping into Americans' anger about gas prices? For all of my friends around here who are always screaming, "Hey, it's the free market!" I must say if it's President Hillary it might not be such a free market anymore. And do you really want to be the reason she got the votes to do it?

I like Big Oil company profits because I think every American should have the opportunity to buy shares in a hugely profitable enterprise, as the oil companies have demonstrated they are. If, however, Hillary decides we shareholders shouldn't have the profits and they should go to the government instead, that will not be a good thing.

Remember what Dick Morris said yesterday? He said she will win because she will bring out people who have never voted before, mainly women, and he said she will be the worst president since Harding because she will do things like bring back Hillary health care.

Today in her own little way she gave a hint that maybe Dick Morris is right. This is an instance in which I hope Dick is wrong.

That's My Word.

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