Grrr! Brad Pitt to the Rescue

It's hard to imagine where society would be without Brad Pitt. And to think, mankind survived thousands of years without our hero.

By now you've probably read that Pitt said he would not marry Angelina Jolie, with whom he has three children, until "everybody who wants to be married can do so legally."

At least that's what he reportedly said in an Esquire magazine interview due out this month.

And while I'm sure he's received lots of accolades from a lot of his Hollywood pals, the statement, if it was not taken out of context, is ridiculous.

Think about it — even if you're gay and you cannot legally wed in your home state, it's ludicrous if Pitt thinks he's doing a public service by making such a hypocritical play.

What, was his wedding to Jennifer Aniston just another publicity stunt, or did he not hold the first Mrs. Pitt up to the same standards as he does Ms. Jolie?

Do you think the next time Pitt is offered a ride across the country on some studio's private jet he'll decline, stating, "I'll take the ride when every person in America can afford such luxury," or "for the good of the environment, I will fly commercial"?

On his next big movie contract, do you think he'll refuse the big money and say, "I'll take that ridiculous amount of money for my job playing make believe, when more deserving people like doctors, scientists, firefighters, police officers and members of our armed forces are compensated just as much for the important work that they do."


The next time his 10-percent-off-the-top agent takes him to Spago for lunch, do you think he'll decline, or better yet, invite along a busload of kids who could never afford such fine dining to join them?

Highly unlikely.

Do you think the next time Oprah Winfrey invites him on the show, Brad will share the stage and the national platform where he usually shills for his next flick with a gay couple who wants to get married but can't, so that they can share their story with the Oprah viewers and as a result, Congress and the Supreme Court might revisit the issue?

Huh? And lose the promotional time? I don't think so.

Pitt's statement is just another example of how delusional "celebrities" are today, and I use that term loosely. Hey Brad, make a movie people want to see. Better yet, how about an acting lesson?

Maybe in between her worthy charity work and her United Nations duties, Angelina can teach you how to act. She's awesome at it, frankly.

Pitt may not believe in the concept of marriage — this week. But if the right script came along from the right screenwriter, for a film with the right director attached, for a studio willing to pay the right price, in a movie that will be released at the right time (i.e. Oscar time), there's no doubt in my mind that Pitt would put his heart and soul into playing the perfect husband, the perfect father and the perfect conventional family man ... if the price is right.

He'll call it acting, but it's typical Hollywood hypocrisy at its finest.

And oh yeah, Whitney Houston is divorcing Bobby Brown. Surprised?

Yeah, surprised it took so long.

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