Anniversary Shows Are Difficult for News Industry

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The show is back in Washington, D.C., tonight.

Here is the challenge that everyone in the news business is thinking about: How best to do a show on Sept. 11 — the 5th anniversary of the terrorists' attacks? What is left to say about it that has not been said? How do we avoid the cliché? How do we honor those who died? They died in the most unthinkable ways and we want to somehow honor them. We can't just ignore this day but we also want to do it right for you.

Anniversary shows are always difficult for TV producers and anchors. What do the viewers most want to see? Viewers of cable news are typically interested in what just happened... and what will happen tomorrow.

I am curious what you want to see on Sept. 11. E-mail us your idea. We have been working on some ideas but I am curious what you think would be the best use of our hour as we — on Sept. 11 — look back on a day none of us will forget.

While I am soliciting e-mails from you, I am curious if any of you intend to switch parties you have voted for when you vote in this year's midterm election, which is rapidly approaching (November 7... 62 days from now!) Please e-mail me if you have in last few elections been voting Democratic and will vote Republican this November... or if you have voted Republican in the last few elections and will vote Democratic this November. Please include your reasons why for the switch in the vote. I may post your e-mail.

Check out our show page today. I have posted a 30-minute interview with my colleague Jennifer Griffin. Just click and watch. As you probably know, she was a huge part of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig's release. We did the interview because so many of you asked us to do it. Jennifer, by the way, is now back in Israel.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

What does a person have to do to subscribe (sic) from your annoying e-mails? For over 6 months I have been tryiong (sic) to unsubscribe on a daily basis but to no avail. I have even written a letter to your company. Don't you care or are you too bigggggggggggggggg to look at the little guy. You are harassing me. My lawyer will be in touch if you do not end it soon.
Gary Anderson

ANSWER: Gary, I really don't know what the problem is. But in case it is on our end, I have forwarded it to the IT Department at FOX.

E-mail No. 2

Sure, I'm tickled pink about Katie Couric and her success. She's paid her dues and worked hard. Is she a Walter Cronkite? Does she have to be? I don't know. Only time will tell. More importantly, when it hits the fan, can she fill the shoes of the likes of the Murrow's, the Sevareid's, the Howard K. Smith's, and the Andy Rooney's of old and paint the portrait of events with words that make the stories real? It's a hell of an arena she's stepped into, there at CBS. And, if I was BaBa WaWa, I'd be POed. She, being the first.
Tallulah, LA

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
You didn't ask our opinions on Katie's first day, but I want to make a comment, if you'll allow me. I was totally impressed. She is the whole package: focused, bright, feminine, of good character, and will show a woman CAN make it in a man's news world. I do hope her feisty humorous personality will not be dampened completely in this serious role. She is able to laugh at herself... something we all could learn from. Before she came aboard CBS evening news I surfed between ABC, NBC, CBS. Now I can put the remote down. She makes watching the evening news interesting...
Your loyal viewer,

E-mail No. 4

I couldn't help notice the similarity between the wanted man and the actor Adrian Paul when he was younger of course.
Brian Cantwell
Oscoda, MI

E-mail No. 5

Hey Greta,
I hope you are well. I was wondering how much gas prices might have played a role in that girl running out of gas. I'm surprised more people aren't mad about the high prices. Some of us are really hurt by it each week so I'm wondering if she tried to stretch it out.
James Locke
Asheville, NC

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