Showdown in Connecticut

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Did you know that the 10-year anniversary of FOX News Channel is coming up in October? FOX is planning many special things for our viewers... we want to show you our appreciation for supporting us. I have not been at FOX for the full 10 years — I will hit the 5-year mark in February (hard to believe how fast time flies!) But I am excited about the 10-year mark. I remember when FOX News launched — I had no idea it would take off and become No. 1 — plus, become No. 1 so quickly. It was good fortune for me that I switched horses and moved to FOX. I hope you like what we are putting together for you to commemorate the 10 years. We are also hitting the road to show our appreciation... so stay tuned.

Midterm elections in November are going to be exciting — and the excitement of the midterm elections gets a big boost on Tuesday with the primary in Connecticut. The fascinating part of the Connecticut race to watch is the battle over who will represent the Democratic Party in November in the race for the U. S. Senate. Is Senator Lieberman going to lose to challenger Ned Lamont to represent the Democratic Party in the election in November? Unless you live in Connecticut and are 18 years of age — of course — you can't vote. But I still think it is fascinating to watch what the Connecticut voters say on Tuesday. Many think this outcome is an important statement. By the way, it is hard to predict when the race will be called on Tuesday, but you can be sure that if it is called during the 10 p.m. ET hour we will announce it. Stay tuned.

Ozzy Osbourne was in the Washington, D.C., area this weekend for Ozzfest (his annual music extravaganza with lots of bands.) Any idea what he did in the few hours he had off on Saturday? He visited injured members of our military at the military hospitals in the area. He did the same last year — he just wants to try and make the day a bit better for the troops who have been hurt.

Now for some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I was a big fan (and my late father also) of Valerie Voss. Suddenly she disappeared from CNN and I haven't heard a word of her since then. Can you tell me whatever happened to her?
Dick Masters
Munising, MI

ANSWER: Valerie, for those of you who do not remember, did the weather at CNN years ago. After a number of years she decided she wanted to sail around the world with her husband. She left CNN and went sailing... and that was the last I heard of her until about two years ago. I was on a boat and she passed and called me on the marine radio. We talked, caught up and that is the last I have heard from her.

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
I wondered if you were aware of recent court decision regarding Fieger. Headlines from the Ann Arbor News August 1, 2006 "Mich. Supreme Court Chastises Fieger." Apparently in 1999 he made "crude and vulgar" attacks against appellate judges. I'm aware this most likely is a political thing and is making the papers because of a coming election. However he did say these crude statements in a radio interview — they truly are offensive and immature. My reason for bringing this to your attention is: every time you have Fieger on your show I say to myself, "Does she know how obnoxious, crude and rude he is?" I enjoy a variety of opinions, viewpoints, fair and balanced etc., but Fieger is disrespectful and brings no honor to the title of lawyer. My suggestion would be to find someone else who might be flamboyant, yet able to operate in a respectful manner.
Linda Vander Haagen

ANSWER: I don't know about the "crude and vulgar" attacks — this is the first I am hearing this — but I like Geoff. I don't always agree with him (and I am sure he would say the same about me), but I like him. Incidentally, I don't always agree with my family... and they don't always agree with me.

E-mail No. 3

Wow, Greta! Friday's e-mails ran the gamut. Different opinions obviously give us an opportunity to look at our own, but some of those hate-filled messages were simply outlines of why mankind perpetrates such evil against itself. When you read them, how can anyone not understand 9/11 or the Middle East wars — all the way down to the people from Topeka, KS who go to the funerals of fallen soldiers to protest the war in Iraq? The saddest part of it all is that these bigots — whether racial, political or religious — believe they are right! Well, they'll always be with us, won't they? Bigotry is what it is. I appreciate that you try to keep your viewers informed in such an unbiased way about the happenings in the world.
Crane, MO

E-mail No. 4

I am an American who now lives and works in China. Sometimes news is a little slow to reach us here in China. With that said, I was just reading about the decision from Judge Barbara Kapnick to dismiss the case due to taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for a case "when their interest in the suit... is so ephemeral." I really could not believe what I was reading. I don't know about the good people of New York, but I think many more people than she realized are in fact interested in this case and would not mind the spending of so small amount of taxpayer's money for such a good cause. After all many thousands of taxpayers dollars are wasted every single day in the USA (and in NY). I would really like to see some good citizens of New York get behind this and rally the people to let Judge Kapnick know they do care about this case. I would like to see you rally the people in fact in NY as I know you have a great influence over people and this case is close to your heart as well.
My God, Beth has lost a daughter in a strange country with an even more strange investigation system. The least we can do is help her in any way possible to find out some answers if possible there in the USA. I can tell you stories about how everyone came to the aid of NY citizens during 9/11 and so many other times we always stand behind our neighbors all across the USA, but I'm sure everyone still remembers this all to well. This is not about a local crime or a local disappearance, it's about an American girl visiting a foreign country then strangely come up missing hours before she is due to go back to her home country. There is no way Beth will ever get the answers she deserves in Aruba or in any other country. If we have an opportunity to do something right and help a mother who has lost her daughter to a foreign country then we should do it. I for one living in a foreign country myself can certainly understand how Beth must feel right now. Surely we can rally the people to get behind this decision and have it overturned or agree to pay the cost of the case without spending taxpayer's money on it. Maybe the people of the USA will see it in their hearts to pay the cost of this trial? Beth deserves to have this boy and his father in a trial and on the witness stand answering questions they need to have answers too regardless what we need to do in order to help her get him there. This case is worth fighting for, and I would like to see the good people of the USA get behind this all the way and make it happen for Beth. There is power in the multitudes, especially with you leading the charge.
Thanks so much for your coverage on this case and all your other good work. Being in China, you are the best source of news and information for us here. I love to read FOX News online and read your blogs daily. I hate to see weekends come knowing I can't read your next blog until the following Tuesday since the big time difference between here and where you are.

P.S. Don't worry about Mel Gibson, he's in the entertainment business and he'll take this bad situation and make a several million from it in his next movie. The news is only playing right into his hands by publishing all this stuff for him to use in a new movie. He's a smart man and I'm sure he will not let this pass by without making a ton from it. All the negative publicity is only empowering him to be more creative in doing another award winning movie. I love the way Americans empower people with negative thoughts and ideas that always seem to come out more positive in the long run. Then smart people like Mel Gibson use the negative to make millions of dollars from it. The news media is giving him his material daily. This is the American way. Definition of success: "failure turned inside out."

E-mail No. 5

I was disappointed at the judge's decision in the civil suit against the Van der Sloots. I hope some day this case will be solved. Somebody knows what happened. Maybe some day they will talk.
Please let Beth and Dave know we haven't forgotten them and continue to hope and pray they will find out what happened to Natalee.
Rosie Cooley
Newcastle, WY

E-mail No. 6

My wife is taking me to the cleaners and I've been doing everything in my power to make sure our kids are taken care of. One of my children lives with me and one lives with her, I pay her $850/month for my daughter. Our son lives with me, recently my wife's attorney got a court order (because of an injunction that I thought was released) to take complete control over my company — which was to include my financial personal and professionally (on July 7, 2006). Since July 10, 2006 I've been making requests to pay my company bills and my payroll for myself and my employees (including my payroll liabilities which is federal money) and have been denied since then. I've lost my company and have no-way to pay my child support. I've informed my wife several times of the situation her attorney has put me in and she seems to be in a state of denial. On the 1st she asked where her child support is and I had to inform her again of the situation she and her attorney put me in, she decided to write me a letter informing me of what she intends to do (which is attached). With no company, no source of income (due to an attorney) what is a man to do? In Florida who works is a person to have everything taken away from. I've busted my butt for years and yet nothing is good enough for them, I've offered everything including both my business and yet they still continue to make me suffer now that I've lost everything due to her attorney they still demand millions. Millions that I've never seen in my life. They must have forgotten that I've declared bankruptcy and had the IRS seize my assets (Due to personal money owed by both of us) but again still demand million, I wish I've had millions to give to make this end. Where is the justice system when you need it?
Pasco County, FL

E-mail No. 7

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the generals talk with such poignancy of their 'Nam experiences. Especially the fact that there is no glory in war and that our fighting men are not pawns that moved by the whims of generals. Unfortunately I don't believe that all generals think like that! Like the dog-soldiers of WWII said about one general, "Yeah his guts, but our blood."
Doug Aga
Pensacola, FL

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