Online Chat Gone Wrong

Hey bloggers—

A quick couple of shout outs to the guys who were organizing my Yahoo! Chat yesterday. Typical, anything involving computers and me usually turns out to be a drama. The Yahoo! Chat that wasn't is going to be rescheduled, happily. We just need to figure out the best avenue, since FNC computers are not really conducive to these types of things.

Some personal notes:

Hey Jimbo — yes there will be more FOX Fan Days in our future, at least, if I have anything to do about it. We went down to Atlanta a few months ago and were surprised at how many fans actually knew about “FOX & Friends Weekend.” Shortly thereafter, Mike and I moved to “DaySide.” At this point, we're just trying to put a... well, a wild show together; one that FOX fans will love and not be too offended by. It's been quite an undertaking, so forgive us if for being a little disorganized. It's getting better. But again, yes, we loved FOX Fan Day and hope to take our show on the road again to have another one. Any suggestions as to where we should go?

Luis — sorry for the delay in the chat. I've been really looking forward to doing it. My computer skills are severely lacking however, and I didn't realize I would have to jump thru so many hoops to get this thing going! Hasn't anyone heard of conference calls??? I know, not very “new millennium,” but at least they get things done quickly! At any rate, I think it's going to be quite entertaining. I'm a little nervous, so tell the folks who log in to be kind.

Most importantly to Russel — so sorry for all the problems! You'd think in this day and age we could handle it. Sadly, you forgot that the moron-of-all-media is involved (that'd be me) and it's going to be a much more difficult endeavor. Seriously, if we can do a chat, I’m here anytime this week. Don't want to keep anyone waiting. I was joking about the conference call... but hey, it's just a thought!

And for the rest of you bloggers, I’ll be checking in Wednesday after the show. We've got some fallout from President Bush's public relations blitzes — what are all you folks thinking about the state of Iraq? The state of our troops? Should they stay? Should we send more? Should we start to pull them out? Can the Iraqis, as we have hoped, shoulder the awesome responsibility of calming a country many say is in civil war? Is it? The president says no. What do you think?

Your e-mails are appreciated, but please keep them short and to the point. And please, for my sanity, refrain as much as possible from the personal attacks. I quite like to respond, but really do want to keep my job. It's a tough position.

And yes, Linda Vester is reportedly coming back to FOX at some point. She did a wonderful thing — left a slammin' career to give birth and raise her children. Word is, she will come back, but let’s give her time. Not sure where she's going to slip in, but I know many of you would love to see her back on “DaySide.” We'll see! We miss Linda too, but are proud of her for being a mom.

See you this afternoon!


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Juliet Huddy currently serves as a New York-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). She joined the network in 1998 as a Miami-based correspondent. Additionally, Huddy is an anchor for WNYW-TV's (FOX 5) Good Day Early Call.