Your Grrrs: Feb. 28, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Tammy in S.C.: Please tell my why Bode Miller wasted his sponsor's money and a spot on the USA ski team. Every interview he gave, he did not seem to be concerned at all with the fact that he was disqualified or did not do well on his runs. He really only seemed to be there to party. I realize that everyone has an off day and other competitors are better, but every time he competed, he screwed up. According to his statement, he did not drink on the day before a competition but he did party on the other days. Let him go party on his own dime in the future. Give his spot to someone who is concerned with his performance and how he can help contribute to the USA team. I thought he was a huge letdown.

Jackie writes: I stopped watching the Olympics after the Sydney opening ceremonies when Katie Couric would not stop talking. She talked during the entire production. Who cares what fabric the flags are made from or where the performers trained, etc.? Do a pre-show for all those who are interested in the trivia. And then don't even get me started on Bob Costas and his dumb questions. Until the commentators go away, I will not watch.

CDH in cyberspace: Grrr to the people that bash reality TV viewers. My husband and I are well-rounded people with a wide variety of interests, and we happen to really enjoy "Survivor" and "Amazing Race." Most of the people I encounter who hate reality TV and find it shallow have never even watched it. Even if you do hate reality TV, why is there a need to bash those who enjoy it? I don't bash fans of "Joey" or "Freddie."

Ann in Schuylkill Haven, Pa.: Martha's daytime show has been nominated for six Emmys. It is not only informative, but gives new insight into the personalities she has on. I know a lot of people who wouldn't miss it and we are glad it is on twice a day. In the morning my husband is at work so we watch the repeat at dinner (6 p.m.) on TLC! Donald Trump is arrogant and his best friend is Donald Trump.

Cindy B. on Martha: OK, so it isn't just me who thinks her daytime show is lame. She never lets any guest on the show complete a thought much less a sentence. She "interviews" like Charlie Rose does, his thoughts come first and then he "lets" the guest complete it only if they agree with his point.

Doug Cosley on my questions to Donald Trump (which he didn't answer): Pull whatever strings or call in whatever favors to get the interview with Trump and ask those questions. It would actually be an interview worth watching for once.

S. Brantley writes: Trump's letter sounded pompous. Put two moneymakers together and add unquenchable egos and you get a story such as this. And the beat goes on and on ... DUH!

Stephanie W. writes: I am a fan of your column on It's refreshing to read articles such as yours. Thank you for supplying the country with comical sarcasm and intelligent writing for us "average Joes." Continue to be the best at showing us "average Joes" that we're not alone.

SH in Prescott, Ariz.: I believe your perception of Bush supporters is hugely flawed. It's not that we want to deflect from "shortcomings" of the president or the administration. We are merely illustrating your flawed assessment and decision-making process. Does the administration have shortcomings? Sure. All administrations do. Liberals, however, point to every action of this administration as a "shortcoming." They seem to think Clinton got everything right. Even if Bush is saying exactly the same thing Clinton said, he is bombarded by screeching liberals about how wrong he is (the same people that got behind those ideas for Clinton). You see us as partisan puppets of the GOP. I disagree. When we think the president is wrong, we say so. The truth is, we think the president has done more good than bad, and therefore support him. We believe that he does what he does based on the facts, rather than emotion or political spin. Even though we may not always agree with his conclusions, we support him because we believe in his integrity.

Grant in S.C.: Who are these ImporTants who feel it necessary to check their Blackberry when bellied up to the urinal? Please concentrate on the business at hand (or in hand) as to not get any on yourself or more importantly me.

Gary in Jacksonville: I find it incredibly irritating when the "disclaimer" at the end of a radio commercial is longer than the sales pitch itself. Those fast-talking, low-pitched ramblings are enough to make me want to not purchase whatever they're selling. Now some advertisers (car companies in particular) are putting the disclaimer at the fornt of their ads. So, coming out of a nice song or news update, we suddenly hear a fast disclaimer — subject to credit approval, not all buyers will qualify — for a product we haven't even been told about yet. If this is the best the current generation of ad writers can come up with, they should go back to school and choose another career.

Zack writes: Grrr to the teenager at my daughter's ballet school who clips her toenails in the sitting area while I am waiting for my girls class to end. Then leaves those toenail clippings on the carpet for us to all see. Grrr also to the parents of this teenage Obliviot for not telling her to pick up or toenails or perform grooming activites in private. And an extra Grrr to the father for clipping his toenails last week. Next week I think I will pick my nose for an hour — see if they say anything.

Kelli B. in Kentucky: My Grrr is about the amount of commercials on TV these days. I know, most people complain about that, but my Grrr is aimed at the NASCAR races. While trying to watch the Daytona 500, I realized the show was not about watching the race. It was about constant commercials with a few breaks to show the race. Granted, some of the ads were pretty good for a change (the Budweiser Clydesdales are my fave), but I counted more than a handful of times when they went to an eternity-long commercial break, came back to the race for maybe two laps, then went back to commercials. I tuned in to see a sporting event — not a show about ads. Grrr!

Livin Large in Jacksonville, Fla., answers Donald's questions: I am Donald's clone and have answers to your questions:

1.Do you think outsourcing control of our ports to a Dubai-based company is a good idea? Hell no.

2. Who would you have picked to host the Oscars, if not Jon Stewart? Martha Stewart (the food and drinks would be good).

3. Do you think you were too hard on Martha in your letter? Hell no.

4. Would you hire Katie Couric if you ran CBS News? Hell no.

5. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton for president? Hell no.

6. What would you do to help your network achieve better ratings for the Olympics? Hire comedians to narrate.

7. Given your recent war of words with real estate queen Barbara Corcoran and now Stewart, do you have a problem with powerful women? Hell yes — look at the women I marry.

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