Grrr! Terrell Owens Is 'The Squeaky Wheel'

Giving credence to the notion that the squeaky wheel gets all the oil, NFL loudmouth Terrell "Look at Me" Owens is pitching a reality show to several television networks.

With the help of the producers behind the once popular "Trading Spaces" program — formerly hosted by Paige "Look Even More At Me" Davis — that runs on TLC, the former Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver will host his very own fitness-based program and talk to athletes, actors and other celebrities about anything and everything.

Although this sounds like a legitimate reality show, Owens seems to be taking a page out of infomercial fitness king Billy Blanks' book. Blanks' Tae-Bo series has sold millions of fitness tapes, and it's probably safe to say that Blanks makes a lot more money selling videos than Owens will make hosting them.

However, Owens is already a wealthy man, and no doubt his program will come with a slew of merchandising opportunities for the diva player.

The real Grrr! here is not that Banyan Productions would produce a show around the notorious crybaby. It's not that some network among the hundreds of them will buy and air the show.

No, the Grrr! here is that this show will get ratings. People will watch, which means advertisers will buy commercials, and T.O. will be on the air for a long, long time, as long as it is never, ever, ever live.

Because once this immature egomaniac is left to his own devices, the squeaky wheel will fly off the axle and cause lots of accidents, that's for sure.

More important, however, is this lesson that is being sent to the kids who can't help but follow the antics of Owens, because those antics are widely reported on. The lesson is: anybody who generates headlines for all the wrong reasons can still wind up on top.

And that's a Grrr!

Good Veep Hunting

Vice President Dick Cheney finally gave the anti-Bush media enough ammo to take the gloves off and go for his jugular, and go for the jugular they have. While the late-night comedy shows have been fair, it seems that everybody is forgetting that, while an accident, a man was shot and nearly killed — which is hardly a laughing matter.

Grrr! to the publications and broadcasters using this accident as an excuse to express a political agenda.


So Disney, Cisco Systems and Intel have announced a set top box that will allow you to rent movies at home to watch anytime, at $1.99 each.

It's about time. I, for one, can't wait to see this in action. No more Blockbuster. No more Hollywood Video. No more Netflix or Wal-Mart by mail. No more lame choices on pay-per-view.

And of course, no more late fees. At all.

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