Your Grrrs: Nov. 17, 2005

Compiled by FOX News intern Jesse Lanier.

Bill from Lambertville, N.J.: My Grrr! is to Robbin who Grrr'd about waiter/waitresses asking if she needs change. I am a waiter and, Robbin, you obviously have never waited on tables. It's like juggling 10 balls at once. In order to give good service, you have to be aware of what's going on at all of your tables at all times. Every second counts. I often ask people if they need change and it has nothing to do with trying to get a bigger tip. If I don't have to bring you back change, it gives me the chance to get another table's hot food out faster. So the next time you have slow service or cold food, maybe it's because your server is running change out to everybody whether they need it or not.

Krista from cyberspace: It really hacks me off when the server waits by the table for me to fill in the tip amount and sign the receipt (and then sort through the merchant copy, customer copy and line item receipts in the folder). I don't need them to supervise. I'm entirely capable of writing in the correct tip amount according to the service I have received. And no, I don't give bad tips!

Holly from Indiana: Great point on the outdoor smoking ban. There are many more offensive odors and vapors outdoors. Also, there are designated smoking areas, making it easier for non-smokers to avoid the offense of other's smoking habits. I smoke, but try to be as courteous as possible. I don't even smoke in my own vehicle if a non-smoker is riding along. Smoking outside is one of the few "free spaces" we have. I know people don't like it, but you know what? I don't like the smell of hairspray or car exhaust. I don't really expect that these things will be banned just because I don't care for them.

Randy from Orlando: This Grrr! is for Carl complaining about gas prices. You say that we have no choice because the gas companies charge what they like. But they don't — the government tells them how much they can charge. Also, you chose to balloon our population by having six kids! You chose to live far from work, school, etc. Therefore, you pay for your choices. Quit whining and take responsibility for your life, and for God's sake, get a vasectomy!

Thomas from cyberspace: Deana's Grrr! said: “One of my big Grrrs is incorrect grammar." Did you happen to notice that all of her examples were of incorrect spelling? Perhaps she should re-evaluate what bothers her.

Harold from cyberspace: My Grrr! goes to Deana from Georgia, the English major who complains of bad grammar. I've always thought that the word "like" was looked upon with disdain by English majors when used to present an example. The preferred word for this usage would be "as" or perhaps "such as."

Sarah from Florida: My Grrr! is for all y'all snowbirds who migrate down South every winter. Every year, you come down here only to whine about traffic (and by the way, traffic is almost non-existent when you're NOT here), whine about gas prices (nothing we can do about it) and whine about how rude we are. It is hard to be accommodating when you drive down the wrong side of the road (don't they have one-way streets where you come from, sugar?), travel at 35 mph in the left-hand lane (with your turn signal on for miles) and clog up the roads at 5 p.m. when we're trying to get home from work. Heaven forbid you eat dinner any later than 5:30 p.m.

Reuben from cyberspace: Jay C. must not know the life of an AA flight attendant. Now, before I Grrr!, I want to agree that in a customer service world, the person providing the service should always be polite and courteous to the customer. What Jay clearly has no idea of (and I suspect most people don't) is the tremendous pressure that flight attendants are now under. Their job (and they can be fired on the spot for failure in any of these areas) requires the plane to be boarded with the doors shut in a very short time. The FAA requires the doors to be left open until everyone is seated. They have to constantly scan for people that might be a threat to the aircraft. They have to help everyone that needs something from luggage to a drink of water that just can't wait until they are in the air. On top of all that, they have taken pay cuts over which most of us would quit our jobs. They now work longer flight routes with shorter turn-arounds. These people have been put in the unenviable position of being the buffer between the customer, airline execs, passengers, pilots and death.

John from Mound, Minn.: As a hardworking chef, it is good to see someone as unPC as Anthony Bourdain getting his due. He has always been the anti-celebrity chef because he doesn't sugarcoat things like all the other Emeril clones. I am glad he has made it to the big time, and hope he does well.

Terry from cyberspace: Anthony Bourdain is a wannabe bore. Pass the remote.

Mike from Austin, Texas: What is up with these annoying AOL adds that follow as you scroll down the page? It feels like someone purposely putting their head in the way as you try to look around them.

Jenny from Pennsylvania: I think I might have discovered a whole new level of oblivionism right here in my office. One day last week, shortly after we started work, we heard fire trucks going past our office. A few minutes later, when another couple trucks went by with sirens blaring, the guy in the cube next to me commented about the sirens. This prompted the guy in the next cube, a physicist, to get up and walk over to join our conversation with "Oh yeah, I did see a house catching on fire on my way to work and I forgot to call 911." We laughed, thinking (of course) he was making a stupid joke. But, no, he wasn't kidding. He just kind of laughed and said "Well, I don't have a cell phone, I thought I'd call 911 when I got to work but I forgot." He forgot! The house was two miles away! He saw a house on fire, and in the time it took him to drive two miles, he forgot about it! How self-centered can you be? There could have been people asleep in there! I know there are oblivions all around me and almost nothing they do surprises me anymore.

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