BTK Suspect May Be Writing Poetry

For decades, Wichita, Kan., police received communications from the BTK killer (search), including letters and poems. Now the man charged with those murders has been spending long hours in his jail cell writing to people he knows.

"His public defender is probably pouring his heart and soul into this case," said Denver criminal defense attorney Daniel Recht (search), "only to be sabotaged by his client."

FOX News has obtained two poems said to have been written by Dennis Rader (search). A fellow inmate said Rader gave them to him after they became friends in jail.

There's one about the springtime Rader has been missing because he's in jail. The other is called "Black Friday."

It could be referring to Friday, Feb. 25. That's the day Rader was arrested by BTK investigators. It begins:

Just a quick glance and I knew all was lost.
I saw in real life, now a ongoing mind view,
The Black and White were now my new boss.

The misspellings and grammar mistakes are those of the poem's author. It continues:

I saw the Black Side of me was now caught
And others would not suffer from my loss.

Later on, the poem reads:

Yes the other in me will cause no suffering...
And the real me of blood, flesh and mind will suffer.

The poem is signed "The Suspect."

"I'd tell him as unequivocally as possible, 'You can only not be talking to anyone else, but also not be sending letters to anyone else,'" said Recht. "It's like sending out little confessions."

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