Judge Rules Against Ray Charles' Son's Mom

A judge ruled that the mother of Ray Charles' (search) teenage son will continue to receive $3,000 a month in child support, not the $15,000 she wanted, an attorney said.

Judge Coleman A. Swart ruled, however, that 17-year-old Corey Robinson den Bok (search) also should receive money for his education and medical expenses, said Manley Freid, attorney for the executor of Charles' estate.

Mary Anne den Bok (search) had initially sought at least $60,000 a month in support for the teenager, but later amended that request.

The famed singer and musician was 73 when he died of acute liver disease at his Beverly Hills home in June.

The teenager said outside court Wednesday that he wanted to return to the lifestyle he enjoyed when Charles was alive — including living in a much larger house with room to invite friends to stay over.

"I would go to his concerts, I'd go backstage, he came to sing me happy birthday on my birthdays, he'd come for parents day at school," he said.

Attorneys for the executor of Charles' will have questioned whether Corey is Charles' child. But a judge ruled last month that the teen is the late singer's son because he is listed that way in the will.