Ad Hits Home

It was only aired once. But that Super Bowl beer commercial showing soldiers being welcomed home by spontaneous applause at an airport is still hitting home. has been running letters from folks who’ve seen the same kind of thing happen in airports all over the country. And some of the folks who’ve seen this are Vietnam vets, who can’t help contrasting it with the way they were treated 30 years ago, like this one from a doctor who was a Navy intern: “I, too, was spat upon and called ‘baby killer’ in September 1971, in the San Diego airport while wearing my Navy uniform…The airport Super Bowl ad brought me to tears, not of pain remembering my experience, but from pride in today’s American patriots.”

And then there was this note from the father of a Marine: “To me, [the ad] is successful because it reflects a current attitude and practice the media won’t report. The war in Iraq isn’t Vietnam; it’s not a quagmire, and it’s not something the media are going to spin as dishonorable or as a failure.”

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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