Iraq, Congratulations

Anybody can see the election in Iraq was a homerun.

It may be an early innings homerun — that is, the terrorists still have some turns at bat. But, jeez. The Iraqi people, the Iraqi security forces (search), the American troops just parked this one like it was Barry Bonds splashing one into the bay.

By the time I got up Sunday morning it was just obvious. The polls were near closing time. Millions of Iraqis had walked to the polls, stood in long lines and voted. It really does not matter whether it was Shia, or Kurds (search). Nor does it matter that many Sunnis (search) felt too frightened or too angry to go vote.

The obvious truth is still there for all to see. Iraqis told the insurgents to stick it. And they defied the death threats and went out to vote.

This is huge.

If people can vote freely in Iraq, why not Egypt? Why not Saudi Arabia? Why not Jordan? Why not Syria?

Why not, huh?

Yet Sunday morning, the international papers were reporting headlines like, 22 deaths in election attacks. Well, it turned out to be 44. And with all due respect, the two dozen or four dozen or so people killed during this historic voting are the headline? Really?

Answer, no. They are not.

In calling the headline, as The Guardian did in Britain, as The Globe and Mail did in Canada, as Al-Jazeera did, is simply the world's newspapers not able to accept that something good has come out of the hated war.

This was a world media quietly rooting for the insurgency and just choking on their congratulations — their rote and pro forma congratulations — that they gave the Iraqi people today.

Really, it's disgusting. All these lefties actually rooting against democracy.

Oh, they say, they really aren't. But don't you just hear them screaming about terrorists in the same volume and tone as they scream about Americans? No, you don't. And that, my friends, says it all.

Iraq, congratulations.

That's My Word.

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