Small Girl, Big Heart

I read about it while I was away… far away: A little girl had died. And I knew her. I talked to her. I had her on my show.

She was all of eight years old and, looking at her cancer-ravaged body, likely not even all of 40 pounds.

She was weak and frail, tired and dying. But even at this very table, she managed a smile.

With her mom at her side, she spoke of wanting to help other kids fight the cancer that would all too soon conquer her.

Alexandra Scott (search) was an amazing little girl with a big mission that started with a little lemonade stand. She wanted to raise pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters so that doctors might find a cure for what ailed her and so many others.

You know, it's amazing: In my better than two decades interviewing the political and economic giants of this country, leave it to a frail, sickly, little girl to put them — and me — in perspective.

I've talked to presidents and vice presidents, CEOs, actors and actresses, superstars of all stripes. But few touched me like little Alex. She was a girl wise beyond her years, stronger than her frail body suggested.

Some say we are defined in life by the big things we do. Sometimes I like to think we're also defined by how we die and the little things we try to do.

Alex was a small girl but a large human being.

She's gone now. Her fight is over now. She is in better hands and in a better place now.

She deserves that dignity in death. God knows she provided that and much and more for all of us in life.

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