Raw Data: Homeland Security Responds

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security offered this statement in response to questions about Faisal Gill, a political appointee whose previous employment record has been called into question.

Before an employee joins the Department of Homeland Security, a background check is conducted that is commensurate with their position.

DHS is confident that our security clearance process is effective. Mr. Gill was thoroughly vetted at several levels.  Mr. Gill did not withhold information on government forms required to initiate government security clearance processing and has been cooperative throughout the process.

Although Faisal Gill had previously held a security clearance, the department’s office of security updated his security clearance prior to him assuming his current role and responsibilities. We went to great lengths to investigate his background and ensure there were no potential conflicts or inappropriate activities in relation to Mr. Gill.

Following a thorough investigation, we found that Mr. Gill exceeded all requirements set forth by the department office of security for access to classified information as prescribed by the  intelligence community that allows him to conduct his day-to-day duties for the department.