Timeline: Lori Hacking Disappearance

The following are the events surrounding the case of missing jogger Lori Hacking:

July 16:

Lori receives an upsetting phone call at work and leaves the office in tears, according to co-workers. The call was believed to have been from the University of North Carolina saying that her husband Mark Hacking (search) was not enrolled there, as he had told her.

July 18:

9 p.m.: Last time Lori's friends and family, other than her husband saw her alive.

July 19:

5:30 a.m.: Lori Hacking (search) leaves her Salt Lake home to run in the Memory Grove Park and City Creek Canyon area, according to her husband. She fails to show up for her job at Wells Fargo Securities Services.

10 a.m.: Mark Hacking calls friends to tell them about his wife's disappearance and says he ran his wife's usual jogging route, three miles each way.

10:23 a.m.: Mark Hacking purchases a new mattress at a local furniture store.

10:49 a.m.: Mark Hacking calls police to report that his wife is missing. Her silver Chevrolet sedan is parked near the front gates of Memory Grove.

Monday afternoon: Police remove paper bags, boxes and a box spring from the couple's apartment. Police impound a large trash bin from behind the apartment complex.

Late Monday night: Police respond to a disturbance at a local hotel, where they find Mark Hacking running around naked. They bring him to the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (search), where he is admitted.

July 20:

More than 1,200 volunteers search through the steep terrain surrounding a city park and canyon as part of the team searching for Lori Hacking.

July 21:

Lori Hacking's parents and in-laws say they are stunned to learn that Mark Hacking never graduated from college and was never accepted at medical school.

Volunteers go door-to-door talking to Salt Lake City residents and handing out fliers in an effort to find the missing woman.

July 22:

Lori Hacking's family members try to direct focus back to her disappearance and away from revelations that her husband Mark lied about his college degree and future plans.

Mark Hacking retains attorney Gil Athay.

July 23:

Douglas Hacking, Mark's father, says his hospitalized son told him he had nothing to do with his wife's disappearance.

July 24:

Lori's father, Eraldo Soares, says he doesn't believe his son-in-law. Police are now using cadaver dogs in the search.

July 25:

A local newspaper reports that police found a bloody knife in the Hacking home. Lori's mother says at a press conference she loves her son-in-law, Mark Hacking, as if he were her own son. Almost 1,000 people help search for Lori in Salt Lake City. A candlelight vigil is held.

July 26:

Lori's co-workers tell police about the upsetting phone call she received at the office three days before she vanished.

Police return to a previously searched landfill, this time with the cadaver dogs.

July 27:

Lori Hacking's family calls off the volunteer part of the search for the missing woman.

Police give the families permission to begin packing up and moving out Mark and Lori Hacking's possessions from their apartment.

July 28:

Investigative sources say it is likely that a "rage killing" took place inside the Hacking apartment, and that Lori Hacking was attacked and killed there sometime between the night of July 18 and the morning of July 19.

Lori Hacking's family shuts down the volunteer search command post.

July 31:

The families of Mark and Lori Hacking ask that volunteers stop searching for her based on new information from her husband.

August 1:

Police say family members provided substantive evidence in the disappearance of Lori Hacking based on conversations with Mark Hacking.

August 2:

Police arrest Mark Hacking on suspicion of aggravated murder. He leaves the psychiatric ward for the Salt Lake County jail, where he is being held. Police say they have not found Lori's body yet.

August 3:

Mark Hacking confessed to a "reliable citizen witness" that he killed Lori and put the body in a trash bin, a police affidavit says.

August 4:

Mark Hacking's brother Scott tells a newspaper that the "reliable citizen witness" was him and his brother Lance and that the confession took place July 24, five days after Lori disappeared.

The landfill search for Lori Hacking's remains resumes.

August 5:

Mark Hacking's attorney tells a Salt Lake City television station he will raise the issue of mental illness and challenge his client's confession to relatives that he killed his wife.

August 7:

The Associated Press reports Mark Hacking told patients at the psychiatric ward he worked at to call him "Franz" and ran unsupervised therapy sessions.

August 9:

A first-degree murder charge was filed against Mark Hacking, who allegedly confessed to his brothers that he shot his wife in the head and threw her body in a trash bin.