Teresa's Ties

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Teresa's Ties

John Kerry (search) has accused the Bush administration of dragging its feet in the investigation of former Enron Chairman Ken Lay (search), suggesting that Lay's ties as a friend and contributor to President Bush (search) were to blame.

But Lay attended a reception at the Georgetown town house shared by Kerry and his wife Teresa — ten months after the Enron scandal became public. Kerry was out of town at the time.

What's more, Lay continued to serve with Teresa Heinz-Kerry on a charity board even after he was implicated in the alleged fraud. The Boston Herald reports that the Kerrys owned more than $250,000 in Enron stock before the company's collapse.

Translation Troubles

The NAACP (search) is calling for California Education Secretary and former Los Angeles Mayor Dick Riordan's resignation, after he  told a 6-year-old child that her name, Isis, means — "Stupid, dirty girl."

Riordan, who was appearing at a Santa Barbara library to promote a reading program, quickly apologized to the girl, whose name is that of an Egyptian goddess. But the president of the California NAACP says an apology is not enough, adding — "there's not a child on earth, regardless of race or creed, who should be talked to in that manner."

GOP Goodies

Conservatives who prefer "Freedom Fries" to French Fries, and "Clinton Im-Peach" Ice Cream to Ben and Jerry's now have a new choice at the dinner table. W Ketchup markets itself as the Republican alternative to Heinz Ketchup, whose profits contribute to the fortune of Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

The company claims its "W" comes from George Washington, not George W. Bush, but makes no secret of its leanings. The W Ketchup Website proclaims — "Choose Heinz and you're supporting ... liberal causes such as Kerry for President ...You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?"

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report

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