The Face of Evil

We know what happened to Paul Johnson (search). I just hope eventually news organizations will show what happened to Paul Johnson.

Yes, some discretion is advised, but not too much.

I want the world to see what savages do.

I want the world to see what we're up against -- "who" we're up against.

I want the world to see evil for what it is.

I want the world to compare what happened to some Iraqi prisoners (search) with what happened to some of "our" prisoners.

I want the world to look closely at the butchered images of Nick Berg (search) and now Paul Johnson.

I want the world to try to understand that kind of evil and try to excuse that kind of evil.

A lot of people can't handle images like this. But I can't handle our not trying to handle images like this.

I can't handle masking evil.

I can't handle not showing planes ramming into buildings and showing the gruesome fallout.

There is no nice way to say or to sugarcoat this: Those who wish us ill have no problem doing horrific things. So we should have no problem showing the world their horrific acts.

They've made this world a more dangerous place. They want us dead. They want us maimed. They want us no more.

The least we could do, is return the favor.

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