Two New Political Parties Formed in Colorado

Two new political parties have been formed in Colorado, one for voters who oppose abortion and another for those who support gun rights.

Republicans claim the parties were part of a plot to take votes away from the GOP during a crucial election year. Democrats denied they were involved and said they do not know who came up with the plan.

"It obviously leads us to question the motives of why someone would create these parties below the radar. The only conclusion we can come to at this time is that it is most likely an effort to siphon votes from those who would otherwise vote Republican," state Republican Party chairman Ted Halaby (search) said.

Denver attorney John Sackett qualified the two parties on April 2, getting 10,310 signatures to form the Pro Life Party (search) and 10,296 for the Gun Owners' Rights Party (search), Secretary of State Donetta Davidson (search) said Tuesday.

Sackett did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Julie DeWoody, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said no officials from her party were behind the effort.

Steve Schreiner, spokesman for the Firearms Coalition of Colorado (search), a gun rights lobby group, said his group is urging its members to ignore the gun rights party.

"There are really only two parties, Republican and Democratic. Minor parties only detract from votes," Schreiner said.

Halaby said anti-abortion groups also denied asking for a new party.