Making Pain Positive

Dear Viewers,

Thursday night, Ron Grantski, step-father to Laci Peterson (search), was on our show.

While you could hear the interview we did on air, I regret (as with many guests), that you could not meet Ron in person. Television does a good job of introducing you to people, but it still is not as good as meeting someone in person. Ron is an extremely nice guy and how I wish this tragedy had not occurred to his family. Of course I wish that of every family I meet under similar circumstances.

Ron and Sharon (Laci's mother) traveled all the way across country to fight for a bill in Congress to change federal law when a pregnant woman is murdered. Under the new federal law if you murder a pregnant woman, you face two charges of murder and not one (29 states already have this law.) This trip to Washington was not their first one to fight for this new law. It was also not easy for them. Ron and Sharon work and, as luck would have it, Sharon got sick while in Washington. Being sick in a hotel 3,000 miles from home is rotten.

Whether you agree with the new federal law or not, is not the point of this blog. What I do find refreshing about Sharon and Ron is that they are trying to take their personal grief and turn it into something positive. Yes, they could sit home and attempt to deal with their pain -- and there is lots of it -- but they are instead picking themselves up by the bootstraps and trying to make things better (easier?) for others. I admire them for this.

I asked my crew to snap some pictures of Ron and me on the set so that I could send them to him. Here they are.

As an aside, I have also met Scott's parents. Like Sharon and Ron, you would like them. They have also endured much and have done so with dignity.


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