Operation Iraqi Freedom

A week ago Wednesday night the war started and ever since I've heard tons of complaints about what we started.

Let me tell you what I see:

I see coalition forces within 50 miles of Baghdad.

I see them controlling two-thirds of a country the size of California.

I see angry Iraqi civilians turning on their own duplicitous soldiers.

I see children getting candy and adults water.

I see the image of U.S. prisoners not scaring our soldiers, but emboldening them.

I see clarity over sandstorms and truth over treachery.

I see countries that mocked us worming their way into life in Iraq after us.

I see second-guessing from wannabe generals who couldn't be more clueless and senseless name-calling from countries who couldn't be more hapless.

I see people without guts criticizing those who are giving their guts.

I see people who've never known a day of battle pontificating on what we should do in battle.

I see Iraqis daring to dream of the democracy they were refused to have and some treacherous Iraqi neighbors fearing the very same democracy they refused to offer.

I see more countries jumping on our bandwagon and others desperate to be on any bandwagon.

I see leaders of countries still condemning us, but investors in those countries still investing in us.

I see markets that will go up and economies that will improve because I see a coalition of the willing, teaching a thing or two to a collection of the pathetic.

I see prisoners and soldiers alike who will come home and a nation who will greet them with open arms and sincere hugs.

I see a hard battle but a great victory.

I see past the sum of our fears, to the whole of our greatness.

And finally I see a great nation defined by the good things it does and not the bad things others say.

I see those who will call me just another Yankee Doodle Dandy. And I see this very grateful journalist more than happy to say, damn right.

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