Fox 411: October 2002 Columns

10/31/02: Val Kilmer Ain't So Bad After All

10/30/02:Whitney vs. Mariah: Celebrity Smackdown Looms

10/29/02: Chicago Is a Helluva Movie Musical

10/28/02: Santana, Rod Stewart Storm the Charts

10/25/02: Did Whitney Miss Diane Sawyer Interview?

10/24/02: Madonna's Swept Away Exits Theaters Today

10/23/02: Mariah Does Def Leppard Cover

10/22/02: Arista Chief Conflict on Whitney Album?

10/21/02: Whitney's New Album Leaked One Month Early

10/18/02: Meryl Subs for Liam

10/17/02: Denzel Praises Gwyneth's Dad

10/16/02: Hugh Grant Wants to Have Grace's Baby

10/15/02: Mariah on Fire: Exclusive Report on New Album

10/14/02: Valley of the Dolls, Dallas Will Return

10/10/02: Seinfeld Film Gets Low-Key Release

10/9/02: Madonna Movie Dumped by Studio

10/8/02: Whitney's New Album Postponed Again

10/7/02: The Boss, Matt Damon Live, 'Til 4 A.M.

10/4/02: Rolling Stones Don't Sell Out, for Once

10/3/02: Puffy's Fortunes: Blown Book Deal, New Record Label?

10/2/02: Rosie's Revenge: Will Sue Publisher

10/2/02: Michael Jackson to Start New Record Label

10/2/02: Anthony Hopkins Bids Goodbye to Hannibal

10/1/02: Michael Jackson to Start New Record Label