A Bonus Feature at the Movies

I went to the movies the other night. I got there bright and early to get a good seat -- my wife hates it when I do that.

There I am, all set to watch the previews -- I love the previews -- and guess what? Commercials! Not one, not two, not three, but four -- four -- commercials, touting everything from some new soft drink to a Buick spot.

At a theater. A movie.

What do you think?
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And I'm thinking, wait a minute, "I'm at the movies, right?" I looked back at my ticket stub to think, well, I'm sure I got a discount to put up with this.

But no, same absurdly high price. Same popcorn and soda rip off. Same dirty floors. Same snotty attitude.

Only now I'm treated to advertising besides.


When all this started some years back, theater owners claimed it would help defray costs. Yeah, for them, not for me! Best as I can see, the theater owners are better off. I don't know about customers.

It's enough to make me want to protest the advertised products. But the advertisers aren't the problem. Greedy, clueless theater operators are. One even had the gall to say, we can put up anything we want on our screens. You're right. Just don't lie and say you're doing it to help anyone's bottom line but your own.

Save the fiction for the feature presentation.


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