Timeline of Skakel Case

Key events in the trial of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel: 

— Oct. 30, 1975: Greenwich teen-ager Martha Moxley beaten to death with a golf club, later traced to a set owned by Michael Skakel's late mother. Moxley's battered body is found Oct. 31 under a tree on her family's estate. The case is unsolved for 25 years and is the subject of several books. 

— June 17, 1998: Prosecutors announce that a one-judge grand jury has been appointed to investigate the murder. 

— Aug. 4, 1998: Former Skakel family live-in tutor Kenneth Littleton compelled to testify before grand jury. Littleton, an early suspect, receives transactional or "blanket" immunity from prosecution, except for perjury, because he was ordered to testify. 

— Dec. 7, 1999: Grand jury investigation ends after testimony from more than 40 witnesses. 

— Jan. 18, 2000: Arrest warrant issued. 

— Jan. 19, 2000: Skakel surrenders to police. He is charged as a juvenile because of his age — 15 — at the time of the murder. 

— Feb. 8, 2000: Skakel's arraignment in juvenile court is delayed while a judge considers whether to open the usually closed proceedings to the media. 

— March 10, 2000: Judge Maureen Dennis decides Skakel's arraignment will be open. 

— March 14, 2000: Skakel arraigned. Approaches the victim's mother in court and tells her: "You've got the wrong guy." 

— Aug. 17, 2000: Dennis rules there is sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial; orders an investigation into whether Skakel should be tried as an adult. 

— Jan. 31, 2001: Dennis orders case transferred to Superior Court. 

— Feb. 21, 2001: Skakel rearraigned. 

— April 19, 2001: Gregory Coleman, who attended a substance abuse treatment center with Skakel in the 1970s, admits being high on heroin when he testified before the grand jury but stands by his testimony that Skakel said he would get away with murder because "I'm a Kennedy." 

— April 20, 2001: Superior Judge John F. Kavanewsky Jr. rules there is sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial. 

— Aug. 7, 2001: Coleman found dead in Rochester, N.Y., after using drugs. 

— Aug. 15, 2001: Defense lawyer Michael Sherman says Skakel will offer alibi for night of murder. 

— Sept. 25, 2001: Connecticut Supreme Court hears appeal of decision transferring case to Superior Court. 

— Nov. 19, 2001: Supreme Court dismisses appeal, saying the issue cannot be appealed until the trial ends. 

— Dec. 11, 2001: Kavanewsky rejects defense argument that a statute of limitations applies to the case. 

— Feb. 21, 2002: Trial moved from Stamford to Norwalk because new courthouse in Stamford will not be ready in time. 

— April 2, 2002: Jury selection begins. A panel of 12 jurors and four alternates is needed. 

— April 24, 2002: Jury selection completed. 

— May 7, 2002: Testimony begins. 

— May 21, 2002: Prosecution rests. 

— May 28, 2002: Defense rests. 

— June 3, 2002: Closing arguments. 

— June 7, 2002: Skakel convicted. Sentencing scheduled for July 19; he faces 10 years to life in prison.