Steve Bing Files $1 Billion Privacy Suit

Real estate heir and entertainment producer Steve Bing, fighting a paternity claim by actress Elizabeth Hurley, filed a $1 billion-plus invasion of privacy and trespassing lawsuit against MGM studio mogul Kirk Kerkorian.

The Superior Court suit filed Thursday claims the 84-year-old Kerkorian was behind an effort to root through Bing's trash for dental floss in an effort to prove through DNA analysis that Bing fathered the 4-year-old daughter of Kerkorian's ex-wife.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, 37, has gone to court to get $320,000 a month to support daughter Kira. Kerkorian wants payments no higher than the $50,000 a month he is paying now.

Although they had a 10-year relationship, Kerkorian was married to the former tennis pro for only a month in 1999. Bonder Kerkorian's attorneys originally claimed Kerkorian was Kira's natural father, but the billionaire's lawyers said in court that he is sterile.

Bonder Kerkorian recently admitted faking a DNA paternity test by using saliva she obtained from Kerkorian's adult daughter. But she said in a deposition that Kerkorian urged her to pretend he was Kira's father in order for him to project a virile image.

Bing's suit claims Kerkorian stole the New York heir's dental floss in an effort to avoid child support payments. Bing had dated Bonder Kerkorian.

"One of the richest men in the world ... schemed to steal someone's DNA from the garbage and to have that DNA tested without consent in a disgusting effort to publicly smear and disparage his ex-wife," Bing said in his lawsuit.

Bing claims Kerkorian sent his private investigator Stephen H. Scholl, who is also a defendant, to steal from his trash.

Kerkorian attorney Terry Christensen said Friday said DNA tests on the dental floss proved with 99.993 percent certainty that Bing was Kira's biological father.

"Did we use a little self-help (in obtaining the sample)? Sure. But it was discarded and it belonged to waste management at that point," Christensen said.

"I just think it takes a lot of nerve for Mr. Bing, the biological father, to talk about Mr. Kerkorian avoiding his obligations when Mr. Kerkorian is supporting little Kira and Mr. Bing, the biological father, is hiding," Christensen said.

After a conversation with Kerkorian last month, Bing said he "readily agreed to submit his DNA for genetic testing," providing the test results were kept confidential.

Christensen said Bing's conditions were rejected by Kerkorian.

Bing said in his suit that he "always agreed that if it turned out that he was in fact the child's biological father he would act appropriately, just in a private fashion."

"Bing understandably balked at Kerkorian's request" that he take part in Kerkorian's support battle, the suit said.

Bing took legal action in London last month to determine whether he is the father of Hurley's infant son. Details of the legal filing weren't made available, but the court could order DNA tests if Bing and Hurley can't reach an agreement.