Fox 411: March 2002 Columns




3/29/02: Travolta and Longtime Manager Part Ways 

3/28/02: Sting Hard at Work Writing Book 

3/27/02: Barbra, Ray, and Quincy Face Music 

3/26/02: Russell Crowe’s Karma Acceptance Speech 

3/25/02: Halle, Denzel Celebrate With Elton 

3/24/02: Oscar Exclusive: Peace Declared Among Movie Studios 

3/22/02: Gangs All Here! Scorsese's Movie Ready 

3/21/02: Nic 'Caged' by Supermodel? Oscar Week in Full Mode 

3/20/02: Rings Actor Viggo Acts, Paints, and Dates 

3/19/02: Billy Joel: A Bad Cough? 

3/18/02: Liza's Wedding Delayed by Liz Taylor 

3/18/02: Tonight: Annual Rock Dinner, Annual $$$ Scandal 

3/15/02: Weird Songs Celebrate Liza's Wedding 

3/14/02: Winona's Uplifting, Not Shoplifting 

3/13/02: Nash May Talk -- Oscars in Last Leg of Voting 

Liza’s Wedding on the Good Ship Lollipop 

3/12/02: Altman: Titanic Worst Movie Ever 

3/8/02: Goldie Hawn Off to Find Joy 

3/7/02: Penny Marshall Wants to Make Magic 

3/6/02: Letterman’s High Price: Disney Can Thank Ovitz 

3/5/02: Joan Rivers vs. 9/11 Benefit Film 

3/4/02: Beatles Songs: From Jacko to Sony ASAP 

3/1/02: Britney Doesn’t Know Yoko; Will Justin Go Solo?